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  1. It's like posing with the body of your grandmother,after she died at her 100th Birthday party.
  2. Google,Red Phillips Knot. It's a ripper.Strong,small and easy to tie. and you don't need a double.
  3. Gulp Fry,3"Mullet and 3"minnows,in Pumpkinseed, always produce fish for me in the Onk.
  4. Great to see that Penn have lifted their game lately. Some of their new reels are amazing value for money,especially the Spinfisher V and Squall series.I still use my old Squidders occasionally and they cast the pants off most modern offerings.
  5. Can't see why it wouldn't work. I used to catch lots of big Bream in the Port on small rock crabs.
  6. Ii have just purchased an Abu Veritas 14 and a half foot,3 piece. Very light and powerful. For under $200,you can't go wrong.
  7. Attach a large brick to the book and throw it hard and straight.
  8. I fished that reef several times back in the 1970s. Always a great spot for "BIG" Salmon,often pursued by Bronze Whaler's.
  9. What are the odds of it actually being Gummy Shark???Never buy fish from a supermarket.As long as we keep exporting all our best seafood,this will only get worse.
  10. Humanity are doing a fine job of trying to replicate the Dinosaurs. :sick: I used to be full of hope for this Planet of ours but alas it was just a dream.
  11. The best time to target land based Snapper north of Wallaroo,is during or just after a big Southerly.
  12. Venting. I learned to air down on my first trip to Salt Creek back in 1979,when my Series 2 Land Rover wouldn't make it over the crossing and VW Beetle's were romping it in on deflated tyres.
  13. It annoys the hell out of me,when cowboys using road tyre pressures,carve up the tracks,making it difficult for everyone else.
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