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    Hey All…..Lets Talk Whiting..I live in South Australia and summer time is the time to chase YFW on our metro beaches i know they can be hard enough to catch with bait so i have set myself the task of landing a few on Fly.So when ever the weather is calm with no wind and waves I'm out there searching for schools of these fish in the shallows off the beach and wading.The other day i was walking along the beach and there was a big school and they were moving up and down the beach it was the biggest school i have seen and they were active which was good as i thought they are feeding…. I quickly worked out that casting into the middle of school they just were not interested….even on the edge of the school i would get a few follows and thats it….so i got ahead of them and put the fly in the path they were swimming…as i thought they where close enough strip strip strip and i got one…. was awesome so see them, put the fly in the right spot and hook up!…this is the best looking fly that i have not sure why but it just looks like whiting should eat it…..the whiting would have been 37-38 cms easy.http://www.aussieangler.com.au/images/d ... 2/9542.jpgI have used all different gotcha flies in gold pink white…size 16 red trout midge…..bms…..I haven't tried worms yet but i have a few brown sam juan worms to try.Another thing is these fish just seem to be slowly cursing in the shallow warm water not being very active so i wonder if they are feeding at all….. they are easy to spot and i can get quite close as well….i have hooked mullet salmon trout and flathead all small whilst trying to get these cruising yellowfin to fire up at the fly.Guess I'm just after tips….flies…techniques…..idea's?….im using a 8 wt now with a sinking clear tip line…..i use 5 lb fluorocarbon tippet.To be honest I'm not sure if its the flies or just the fish are not feeding at all?Anyways it has been a challenge but after hooking the a good size one i just need to do it again! cheers look forward to hearing from other peeps that chase YFW on fly.(i posted this on another forum thats why i said I'm in south Australia at the start)
  2. hey Bream reaper....what size fly rod do you use for those small streams with lots of trees?.....Im thinking about getting a 3 wt around 7'8 - 8 foot but but sure if it will be to lightcheers
  3. WHERE IS THAT CLEAR STREAM??????? HAHAHA All the water i find is brown...ok to lure in but i can't get my fly rod out
  4. Hey all in the market for a new fillet knife just a general all rounder... dont wanna smash the bank but want something i can sharpen easily and it will last me..... been having a good look on ebay.Just wondering what everyones fav is? cheers.
  5. Thank you! just what i wanted!any time of the year fish ok? just change tactics?i heard Mudeyes are the way to go?I was just going to throw some wets around likely looking area's and stip them back?building up my fly collection nowany must haves?
  6. G'day everyone...I need help on productive places to land some trout(away from farm dams) on Fly!I work in the mines now and do 2 weeks on 1 off so i was looking for a bush escape chasing trout on nothing but fly!I have a 6wt 9' and just purchased a redington tempt 4wt 8'....I was looking to base myself in horsham/grampians area and just role out the swag and move around for a few days...I am land based.. i would like to try some lake fishing and also a few rivers creeks that run into these lakes or around the area.if anyone could help me on some reliable spots? have most of the lakes been stocked recently in this area? whats the best flies? tactics? river and lake?I have been looking at the Mc Kenzie river and lake toolondo so far. Ive never fished this area so any help would be great? cheers
  7. www.redington.comclean easy to follow site....a a beginner its easy to over think itdont pay full Adelaide price!
  8. G'day All......I was wondering what every ones favourite Redfin flies are?I have a few little redfin spots that i might try and flick a new 3WT that i am in the process of ordering...Want some practice in tight situations and some entertainment in-between chasing that illusive wild brown on fly gear in SA!My thoughts is i guess redfin are not really that fussy? i was thinking wooly buggers and leech patterns?would be great to get some feedback from some people with fly fishing SKILL!cheers TH
  9. shimano all the way with the light stuff.....your always going to need a 2500 and its the most used reel of most people's collection even if they don't want to admit it!CI 4 is an awesome reel! nothing better for the price in my opinion.I don't own a stella but your always gonna use a 2500, and if its your number 1 reel then why not!A mate and i had some fun recently at fowlers on the 2500 CI4 on some alb 6 7 8Lb salmon on plastics... big fish for small reel and its just awesome!!!
  10. That very neat and clean finish at the eye of the hooks just the thread covered in a glue?Looks amazing i can't get a finish like that on clousers i try and tie.Wish I could tie like that!!cheers!
  11. rainbows in a private creek...sounds bloody great!nice work
  12. nice one mate!what fly did you get him on?is this private water? loosing hope if there is wild water out there to land a rainbow on fly!
  13. Hey All..... Im after a smaller rod to tackle some smaller streams and rivers down south....I have a 6wt 9 foot but its just a little to big to get into tight spots and with all the over hanging trees its making it too hard.what would people recommend a 3 or 4? and something quite a bit shorter in like 7 foot range?One more question can i still cast a bead head wooly with a rod this light?(beginner if you hadn't noticed)cheers TH