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  1. Hey guys,A good dedicated fishing mate of mine has told me if you use a food saver for your catch, it tastes as good as fresh when you pull it out of the freezer.So, I'm in the market for a food saver/ cry vac machine, and am wanting advice on which ones are good, and which ones are bad, .....and which ONE is BEST.Obviously, value for money is important, I am not wanting to spend for than $200.Anyone who has had one for a decent time, used it plenty and not had any problems, I want to know about it. Thanks,Joe :f
  2. Horses,Absolutely, %100, Right on the money there!!
  3. Hey guys,I was hoping to get the boat out this weekend, Just trying to work out the best option. Should I chase Salmon, ...Squid, ...KG's? What would be the best option for the weekend? OR is there a another species kicking around at the moment?
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