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IMG_2626.JPGcheers all, should be more specific. i got a 76 cm and filleted it then cut fillets into chunks and skined was top shelf, but had some chunky bits around fins and frame for berley but i've herd the scent of the snapsnap can turn off other fish, theory being if the fish can smell snapper blood possible shark... wives tail or not?? anything under legal size goes BACK! fish4future.
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I've heard the same particularly with Snapper. My mate insists on waiting until we are a loooong way from our snapper drops before we gut them and throw it over.

Ive gutted plenty on the ground before and caught fish there later, so to me it's an old wives tale.Seems to me its more likely the fish would go off the bite if you were fishing for them while cleaning ones already caught and disposing of it at the time :huh:
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