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  1. It varies on which part of the state you are in and how far out to sea you are but generally in this gulf it may well be illegal to dump anything that you do not retrieve when you leave. I am not talking about cockle shells and marine stuff used for bait. Hefty fines may apply. Posting on a forum may be used against you by fisheries in court action. So it would be probably be inappropriate to comment on personal experience.Do I think dumping a sack of barley one day and fishing it the next day would work. SHIT YEAH Would feeding a reef work. A decent sized established reef that's not overfished probably wouldn't need it. Would feeding it helpSHIT YEAH
  2. Agree with kayak fisherNice to keep a brag sheet,Better to keep a log of all things fishingI agree with others xcel spreadsheet is the go. If your not computer savvy an old exercise book divided into the twelve months will do.Just write down your results with as much info s possegTides, wind direction and strength etc tc
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    where can we get one of those, I'll take two
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    You are the exception Dazz, Even if you do catch fish that take line more often than not its the thumb doing the work
  5. Plenty in the Port River and Westlakes,Just look for the tell tale sign of the little volcanos at the low tide mark
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    There was fly line for $10.00Line is something I wouldn't go cheap on,Flyreels on the other hand don't do a lot, There pretty much just reservoirs for holding the line.
  7. Firstly you need to decide on what u prefer,Flatter bottom hulls are more stable at anchor, but shockers into the chop. Deeper v's are less stable at anchor but cut up the chop. Whats more important to you ?Tinnies are lighter easier to tow, cheaper on fuel, but the rides not as good. Again what is more important to you. Personally I'd go for a deep V, no matter who you are u will always go out and get caught out in rough weather. So what if it rocks a bit at anchor.Nothing worse then pounding into a southerly returning from goannas, all your expensive electronics, BANG BANG That short sharp chop we have in this gulf sux
  8. http://www.dhgate.com/product/top-grade-aluminum-die-casting-fly-fishing/98473303.html#s1-7-1|986660497Got some good shit in chinaHow much are ross reels these days start at about $300and this one $11.00 free shippinghttp://www.dhgate.com/product/hot-new-gold-casting-fly-fishing-reels-reel/121722600.html#s1-4-1|4030245227
  9. I had the line all wrapped up around the reel it was 10 kg.The last okuma same model but older went 3 seasons. This one carked it at the end of second season. Both within warranty timeframe, warranties mean shit, try and claim, they will rave about the warranty til they get ur cash. Then the fine print comes out. :evil: Perhaps I shouldn't say it out loud but that Sabre rod has copped some punishment. Not real useful on fish over 4-5 kg but its caught more than its share of 10kg plus fish and still feel the sneakiest whiting bite. I found this on ebay for the "PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED" Sorry ebay link didn't work, its an auto reel winder.
  10. I can understand how you find it boring, I used to as well. I fished with an old school Italian bloke many many years ago, a handliner at Pt Vic. Frustrated the crap out of me, I wanted to see the rod bend, hear the reel screaming, that was the rush. There was no joy on the handline for me then. Not any more .... Last sesh I had with a mate we were rooted, and that was just after the first fish. We looked at each other and pissed ourselves laughing at how stuffed we were. We used to laugh at the idea of the electric reels. Not any more.... That was his first comment as soon as the fish was on board. "where can we get those electric reels from" .Bit pricey but .... they start at about $1000.00I don't catch much snapper this time of year, my season usually starts end of October til about June. Im gonna set up some sort of contraption to hold multiple handlines in the rod holders on my side of the boat all rigged with various rigs. With you comment on light line fun, when we first tackled the mullies we used to fish for them with 3kg line. You would hook them and then chase em for ages up and down while they shook their heads, took ages, thrashed it. I quickly found it more fun to use 15 kg and really stick it to them. The run didn't last as long but even the smaller ones pulled like mack trucks against the greater load. Each to their own I guess, we all do it for fun, whatever gets your rocks off.For me these days its about getting my bag in the esky and back at the ramp without the use of a kidney belt... so I can still get home in time to clean the fish have a shower and still get a few hours sleep.
  11. Have considered them but they are 1-1 ratio, handlining would be faster. Maybe for sharks Last time I went on charter I never took the rod out of the holder. Was fishing about 150 ft of water, almost half a kilo of lead, used the Saltiga and just wound the line up rod still in holder. Smart ass captain asked me if my husband fishes too
  12. My mistake Sil, the outfit that snapped that night only had 20lb braid, connected to a sabre 196-6. The reel was locked up tight though as tight as it could go. Its my whiting rod. It shouldn't have snapped with 20lb line because its rated to 20lb, suppliers told me that for most anglers it wont, he classified us as the 5% ers, "sorry sounds like Im bragging" because we catch fish its not designed to be under that stress consistently. Supplier wouldn't honour the warranty. I do run 80lb on all my heavy outfits, Saltiga, tld , shimano 6500 etc, but these outfits are too heavy to hold all night long especially in deepish water. I normally bring em as back up rods.Before the okuma I used to go through at least probably two abu 6500 a season. The okuma lasts usually at least 2 or 3 seasons. Not bad for about $100.00. When I asked the tackle shop owner if I upgraded to a millionaire or Calcutta type real he said would make no difference all have brass gears. Hence back to handlining, Like I said I prefer to use the lightest outfit I can, Only the saltiga has survived being used like a winch, I even stripped the gears on the tld in under a season just snapper fishing. Brass gears do not stand up to constant pressure.I will still take the heavy outfits for sharking, big mullies etc. But your not holding the rods the whole night when your sharking and mully fishing. Snappering is up and down all night long.Sorry I am dribbling now Sorry Pauly in answer to your suggestion the suppliers make these claims but you stuff up their reels they say the reel wasn't used as it was designed and will not honour their warranties. Even if you stick to the suggested breaking strain. If you fish once a month you will never have these issues, if you love fishing and go twice a week and are hooked up pretty much 2/3 hours straight every session mate nothing lasts. The stuff that does gets heavier and heavier to hold with every sesh.