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SAFA Submission to PIRSA

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SAFA's Submission to PIRSA has been put up  in the SAFA - South Australian Fishing Alliance section of Strike & Hook. SAFA have done well, with this submission. The thought , planning, putting together and presentation of this submission, shows the commitment that SAFA has to those that SAFA represent, This is us, Rec Fishers. The Submission makes for some very good reading and I recommend it to all on Strike & Hook. Thankyou to the mods that run Strike & Hook, for allowing SAFA to show that they truly represent Rec Fishers. The voice  of Rec Fishers is now getting heard and our reach in increasing as now we are in an alliance with RecFish Central. SAFA and all those that have helped to get SAFA to this stage, are to be congratulated. You all have done well. Now the Rec Fishers of South Australia, need to add their support to SAFA as SAFA truly represents us.



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Must say I saw some good submissions from organisations/groups with different goals.  The SAFA submission was obviously more encompassing due to the brief of the organisation.  Looking forward to the RecFish SA submission, and the way PIRSA ultimately deals with this matter.

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