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Something of interest from across the border

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It proves what can be done with a little Government determination.

Obviously not everyone is happy but the majority are the winners. Perhaps our mob could take a leaf out of their book?

The compo packages seem generous enough, wouldn't have thought that to many pros were making big money in the area.

(not sure why the link isnt blue?)




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I don't know why the fishos have waited till now to complain, it's been on the cards since all other commercial fishing in sheltered waters has been under scrutiny, i have fished the lakes there and it has always been worse than anywhere else i have ever fished. And imo as soon as you introduce any commercial activity into a natural resource it's almost impossible to keep it sustainable, my hat come off to the state government on taking this hard ball initiative, before commercial fishing if someone wanted fish they had to get of their fat ass and go catch it lol🤔 now they can eat the shetty farmed fish😉

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