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  1. Not as many suffered as I’d hoped but it was a bit of fun working them out. Ended up covering about a km and polaroiding new schools when the bight slowed I could only pull 2 or 3 from a school before they shut down. And they didn’t respond to burley for long before leaving. Even mullet can be tricky when they want to be but hopefully the snapper recognise these and know what to do with them
  2. Yeah something was off. I expected much more interest on the yabbies. Other guys have had success on them - I just couldnt make them work Even the salting process didn’t spice up the reddy chunks enough to make them tasty I’ve just got back from scoping a mullet spot. Plenty there but I didn’t have my gear just salted up a batch of chicken to try to secure a few for snapper baits. The local creek is still too mozzy infested to consider going for carp. Even during the day So the mullet will have to suffer
  3. Nah we found a few schools but they were all tiny pinkies - So I I just ripped the tails off and used those with the shells still on - they might have been a bit big for the little pinkies to swallow. But they werent getting anywhere near the amount of bights as the pilchard cubes. I gave them about an hour to prove themselves as my mates were pulling in little pinks consistently on the pilly cubes. I had cut up redfin cubes the same size as the pillies, out on another rod and they were basically getting ignored aswell. Withing seconds of my first pilly cube hitting the bottom I
  4. yabbies and reddies couldnt compete with the Pilchards on the undersized/just size pinky schools we tried them on. They got convincingly beaten - I wont try them again
  5. Got a window in the weather tomorrow morning - and Ive added another freshwater bait for the snappers consideration
  6. Haha - I genuinely thought I was coming down with some mystery illness - turns out i was just cold and hadnt checked the forecast for a few days
  7. cut a lap of the local micro reddy pond the other day - got a few more salted baits to trial next time the weather is kind
  8. yeah plenty of blokes on facebook saying the same thing - found heaps of schools - couldnt get them to bite. Usually if we found the schools we found on the weekend - it would be a frenzy. The fish werent big - and the little guys are almost always hungry. That moon could have put them off - the bite was slow enough for both of us to agree it was weird
  9. 313880900_5482089785173145_8407720441461901764_n.mp4
  10. The little fish we found were bighting very poorly - even on locally caught calamari baits we anchored on a few schools and could barely get them to bight - its about as bad as Ive seen them bight in many years. So the Jury is out on Reddies as bait - they will still hit them - but they arent a miracle bait
  11. Bait to the right and scraps to the left - gonna check if reds like redfin
  12. Haha - I remember watching those old classics on the ABC with the old man as a kid. A few days before the water rations were put in place we spent a good 2 hours in the blazing sun, digging the 4wd out of the side of a sand dune. It was a good reminder that when you're in a spot thats a long way from the nearest mechanic and has a rep for being tough on cars, you may be out there a bit longer than you had planned
  13. Haha - I was trying to get a bit cleaned up before heading back into civilization. Didnt quite work out - just coated all my hair in lard and I ended up looking like "Young Einstein" until I rinsed it out at the next Servo we came across. It was a remote area, so our drinking water was still too important to waste on getting soap out of someones hair
  14. Heaps of pro fisherman swear by red head and white body, from Mackerel to squid, its a colour combo guys who do it for a living use. Might have to dip a few of my $2 whites in some dye
  15. Great pics I don’t pay over $2 a jig im not what you’d describe as a serious squid fisherman my cheapies have no problem penetrating squid flesh. A jigs effectiveness seems entirely based on who’s line it’s tied to in my limited experience. 3 blokes using the exact same $2 jig. 1 guy gets none - 1 guy gets 3 - and the last guy gets 8 over the same time casting at the same water. so the guy who got none will go out and buy $20 jigs the next week because the $2 dont work. And he will get better over time and start attributing the suckers to
  16. A good call about fresh water - I remember making a mistake while camping at the beach. I got my hair wet and rubbed a block of soap all through my hair, to wash out a weeks worth of slimy fish hands running through it. That day I learnt that alot of soaps dont lather or dissolve in salt water
  17. Thanks Rybak - Ive got a 10litre bucket that will be perfect for hand washing and ruler dipping My mates get a bit weird about me cluttering up the deck with all my contraptions - and Ive always wanted to include a bucket full of water for washing hands - but if I can convince them its absolutely necessary for fish care - I reckon that will get it approved
  18. All very good points Rybak - yeah my fish handling in the vid could have been better. I'll make sure its wet in the future. The smooth PVC is probably better than rasping away on dry carpet or dry floors but there is definitely room for improvement in technique. I would never have attempted the aerial stuff but the Camera man was complaining about his sore back, so I was trying to avoid him having to bend over to film. Once the filming was over it was done on the floor - but the floor was dry aswell - might have to rig up a rectangular landing tub with some water it and just lea
  19. Haha yeah it’s been a bit better received than the other junk I come up with
  20. yeah Ive got concerns about them fitting in but I wanted it to be a snug fit - I'll give it a trial on the weekend and open it up with the heat gun if it isnt wide enough
  21. Yeah I was just trying to get my head around how greenies could even come up with the notion in the first place - It seems like such a far fetched idea to a fisherman. From an anglers point of view, the percentages of a chance hook up, are so low, that it seems ridiculous. Its like banning kites because an Emu could run past, close by and get tangled up in the string. But if you're a Greenie - If it might save one dolphin, then it must be done.
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