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  1. im with virgin aswell. where i am i generally get better reception than telstra.i have reception pretty much the whole way through yorkes, even out to troubridge and wedge islands.will test it come october when we head out to neptune though lolall in all none of them are perfect, you can guarantee if you really need phone service ya aint gunna get it lolbut yeah im happy with them. ive actually been thinkin of buyin a cheapy prepaid telecom job just to leave in the car when we are away somewhere.
  2. i wouldnt have a cue what the gps marks are for the ramps mate.not too sure what ya mean exactly, but google maps is good. search whyalla or port augusta boat ramps, it will bring them up, then on the side bar hit get direction, you can have the boat ramp as your departure point, then enter gps marks for a drop or another boat ramp, town, point of intrest etc etc as your destination and it will give you multiple different routes, shortest, longest etc and how far it is. also you can add destinations say if you want to leave whyalla ramp, go to 3 or 4 drops, then get out at port augusta. it will give you the route, how many kays etc etchope this helps
  3. gday fellas the waters gone down a bit here again, it will be up again though, as soon as it is ile post some pics.goldy, the whole of the murray is on flood alert mate, its hard to say though, they normally control the level between lock 11 and 15 pretty well because its the "pretty" area of mildura,buronga and gol gol. but depending on how much water we get it very well could go under,its happened before! january is when the big lot is coming they reckon.but yeah its very hard to say, wouldnt let a bit of water put him off though,if hes there and theres a chance it will get flooded he will get plenty of notice to get out. plenty other caravan parks here if that happens
  4. golly! hope it dont get too high for yas. my parents live on the river here in mildura and im startin to get a bit worried myself.lucky i can jump in one of my mates trucks with an hour or so notice, get what aint insured (sentimentle gear) and get them the hell outta there.ile take some pics tomorrow of apex park here, a few of yas should know it.on a brighter note, they arent expecting a big flood though, "shouldnt" affect any homes etc... but weve all heard that before hey!
  5. im intrigued... exactly what was he waving?? :pinch:
  6. gday all, just bought a george foreman steamer and grill in a bid to loose a couple of spare mickey thompsons...a few of you might think, ahh ya need to do a bit more than that! but a mate of mine, over the last 6months has lost 30 odd kg's by cooking with george foreman products and not eating any pasta, bread, potatoes and knocking out the fizzy drinks, well within reason anyway, bit hard to toatally not eat and drink that stuff.he hasnt done any out of the ordinary excercise so i should be right with that just with my work. i work in a winery (3rd biggest in the southern hemisphere) so theres a hell of a lot of footwork, stair work (4 flights at a time) and skull dragging stupidly long 3 and 4in rubber hoses and and big centrigigal and mono pumps around.so anyway, back on track...im pretty keen on gettin stuck into the fish/seafood in the steamer. ive currently got some nice flathead, gar and rugger snapper.what do you guys think is the best herps, spices etc to bang on the fish to give it a bit more kick?also any other ideas i could use for steaming or grilling anything else?thanks all!
  7. hmmm.... im a victorian, but i wont be over that way again for a few months. i cant afford to take holidays and chase fish willy nilly unfortunatly!funkychook is right, WA, NT & QLD would get it alot more than SA.hell im pretty sure every one of us would love to go interstate in pursuit of whatever it is that blows ya hair back on a regular basis, but unfortunatly most of us dont have the money and work freedom/time to do itbut anyway...i might have to remember some of them comments next time im asked about catching perch/cod up this way your apologies are accepted in the form of bundy cans oh... speaking of that, cod season opens here tomorrow aswell
  8. mmmmmmm..... chilli crab.... could there be anything better? :cheer:
  9. thanks guys... ile run with 6mins then just wasnt quite sure... havent done it for about 10 years!yes... been along time between crabs!! lolguess i gotta catch some 1st!
  10. gday fellas, just wondering how long you boil your crabs for?
  11. actually... i could give you the number of a bloke who has a shack down the coorong he rents out, its nothing flash but has everything you would need for a few days.only thing is you can only get to it by boat...let me know if ya keen, an ile pm the number to ya
  12. gday fellas....the golden perch (callop)are going ballistic in a really big way here at the moment, around locks and weirs.people are absolutly raping and pillaging them. it really is absolutly disgusting and disheartening.happens every year without fail.went for a drive down there for a look (other side of the river though) and the bank was elbow to elbow, right up to the weir itself which is illegal in the 1st place, with out quadrupling your bag limitwas talking to a fella today and hes heard reports of one bloke in particular, taking 10 or so home,returning an hour later, take some more, go home, return etc etc. you get the drift.this goes on all day, saturday and sunday. and a bloke at work told me he seen a fella load AT LEAST 30 into the back of his ute last weekend :pinch: abviously there is alot more out there doing the same thing aswell.i refuse to go down there when its like that, already been in one blue down there in the past.anyway... what can you do? call the fiheries? ive tried... they dont care apparantly!go all vigilante justice on the offenders? just to end up in strife with the plods or in hospital coz some feral decides to stab ya or something?ive even tried calling the cops in the past, all i get is "not our problem, we dont deal with that"im pretty sure if i dropped a big skid in the main drag they would get involved! and they probably wouldnt appreciate it if i then said to them its vic roads problem, not theirs!the way i see it is, breaking the law is breaking the lawhonestly... what can ya do???!!!
  13. now thats something ide like to see!! would be a handfull thats for sure!if ya hook up with that try an get someone to get footage!well ide be happy to score a nice snapper at the end of the month, ile have 2 days at wallaroo before the close to do it. then hopefully some nice KG's, squid n blueys!!
  14. im in mildura, you guys will be gettin it dont worry about that! we got plenty of water up here in the river, theres no sandbars left up here, all under water, and yes, theres more alot more coming!!went for a look at the weir n lock last night, white foam everywhere, shes flowin hard, havent seen it like that for years!!!said in the local rag the other day the waterways are gunna pull some boards out of the weirs to manage. should be good!!!and to any keen yabbiers out there, the anabranch is gettin filled up very shortly, it used to be the utopia of yabby spots, but its been practicly dry since about 02.all we will have to do is keep the poachin b@st@rds out!!