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    hi all this maybe a stupid question but can you eat snook. if so what do they taste like? do you fillet them like normal fish. ive never had snook before or even caught it before. if i cant eat would it be good for bait and what would i catch using it.thanksfish-on
  2. fish-on


    thanks snappahunta i might take you up on that offer. could it be possible to put some photos up for me. will this boat go out to seas in calm weather. fish-on
  3. they are crazy. love to catch a great white but you wont see me on a surfboard paddling bait out to catch them. love the video.fish-on
  4. maybe try west lakes near the rowing club. theres abit of a beach there and if the fish arnt bitting she can play on the playground. fish-on
  5. fish-on


    thanks guys im looking for a all rounder about 14 to 16 foot. dont want go out too far but far enough to catch big fish too. thanks again guys all your help is muched appreciated.fish-on
  6. fish-on


    hi guys im looking to buy a boat. i have no experiance with them i dont even know what to look for. im looking to pay around $3500. could anyone give me some pointer on what i should be looking for and what questions i should be asking. thank to allfish-on