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  1. Tape a glowstick to the tip mate, works a treat. If you know how far you can cast, make sure you find a gutter you can reach easily enough
  2. Poor. Go to Munno Para golf course instead
  3. Envious much. Coles point:snapper, shark, salmon, possible Mullies.The Ledge: inside coffin bay: snapper, kingies, sharks, snook, b&bFarm beach: eagle rays aplenty, whiting, flatheadPoint Drummond: Mullies, possible tuna off the rocks if you can balloon out, sharks, kingies, salmon
  4. Find out about the Little Blue Lake. Filled with Reddies
  5. Go the Nano!!! Bought one to replace my 2-4kg raider after she went snap. Better feel, stronger, lighter, better casts etc.I've had a tcurve in the same weight class, and would go the nano over and over. Will probably convert all my rods to the shimano nano, even if it does have PW name on it
  6. 1-3kg rod, 1000 reel, 5lb braid with an 8lb leader for flicking lures at Mullies
  7. Yabbies in Mulloway, not long dead squid coughed up by salmon, ciggie butts in tommies
  8. Carp ReddiesCallopSilver PerchBoth species TandanusRiver BlackfishCongoliBigmouth SleeperSalmonSnapperEagle RaySmooth RayFiddler RayEel Tail CatfishMulletRed MulletYFWKGWWeedy WhitingSchool WhitingMullowayKingfishSamsonfishBlack BreamYellowfin BreamPikey BreamTarwhineBronziesGummiesSchooliesSevengillersSweepRock CodBearded Rock CodBarracoutaSnookPikeGarfishTommiesSure I've missed a couple
  9. Yea there's at least two from here going
  10. Biggest was around 55-60cm, smaller around 10cm less
  11. Spent an hour down bonython park this morning for two of the biggest catties I've ever seen