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  1. Try fishing at night, the later the better. A little bit of chop doesn't hurt either. With the baby trout hanging about in plague proportions, they should move on in the dark. are u sure they arnt tommies? Might be worth chucking out a livey, with all the bait about U never know a mulloway or two could be lurking. I've caught Mullies near by, and there's no reason why they wouldn't be there. Best of luck.
  2. Whilst cleaning my snapper which i caught last week, I found these Seahorses in the reds belly , as anyone else encounted this, or any other oddities whilst gutting?
  3. I like lure fishing don't get me wrong there's nothing like a snook, salmon or even a flathead inhaling on a soft plastic or a hard body, whilst u strike and watch the tip load. But what really grinds my gears is that in 21st century opening up the various fishing magazines from around Australia and seeing every fish great and small with a lure dangling or hanging from its mouth. The lure industry is a multi million dollar game, and I have no doubt that a lot of these products are gently pierced through the fishes jaw after capture to sell a product or its line. I find it sad that the corpor
  4. Fishing edithbergh via boat, anyone had any luck targeting flathead in the surrounding grounds, or just caught a few fishing for whiting and snapper ect. Any hints or tips would be much appreciated cheers.
  5. Fishing round edithbergh, is it best to fish on sandy bottom, reefy bottom or mixed sand and reef bottom. Any info would be great cheers.
  6. hey, first post but been on the site heaps, lots of good info here, on a week long fishing trip with a mate, we are based at Edithburgh but are looking to do a night or two on the beach and were wondering what beaches you all would recommend would be a good chance of a mully at night?Cheers,BB
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