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  1. I thought it was quite unusual aswell, as I have always seen schools bunched up also! Photo was taken on the southern Yorke Peninsula
  2. Unless my rod/reel and eyes were playing tricks on me, definitely salmon mate!
  3. Has anyone ever seen a salmon school line up like travelling ants as opposed to the usual round/oval school of fish?
  4. Hi all!Went down to my favourite YFW haunt in Tennyson last night after hearing varying reports of fish in the area. To my disappointment, the place was ravaged by baby salmon trout. Every bait that was tossed around was attacked almost instantly by these little buggers. They were event hitting my favourite YFW popper and a varying amount of plastics.Has anyone else had this issue so far this season?
  5. Have tried a few times in the past week at Tennyson without any luck on the YFW. A handful of just sized Salmon Trout (released) and lots of baby salmon. Using bloodworms for bait (frozen) and experimenting with some soft plastics that resemble clickers. Hoping to land a few in the next few weeks… Stay posted!
  6. Hi guys!Curious to know whether any of you have used LED lights at night time from your boats or from local jetties to attract fish/squid? Ive heard that green LED's are the way to go? Would love some expert information from fellow fisho's here in South Oz to see whether or not it has been used to great effect in our waters?Also, where would you buy them?Cheers!!!
  7. So Klein's Point Jetty is open to the public at the moment? Looking at heading that way this weekend...
  8. When you say off the rocks, do you mean to the left or right when looking at the jetty?
  9. Any colour preference Codey?
  10. Gday all!First time writer, long time reader! Looking for a bit of advice...Ive recently been squidding out at Tennyson with varying results, but everytime have had some good snook chasing my squid jig's. Ive tried throwing a lure out, which they also chase right to my kayak but wont take it! Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!
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