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  1. are these legal here in South Australia?
  2. between Port Turton and Soutar try the beaches . cast into sand patches surrounded by weed use Squid as bait , as soon as Whiting is hooked up, lift your rod to clear weed line 2 to 4 fish out of patch and you are doing OKdepending on the tide you might have to wade out a little bit just watch the Stingrays ,so you don't step on them
  3. The Pages 35 - 48 - 617 South 138 - 16 - 503 East Islands snapper/shark Tunks 35 - 39 - 545 South 138 - 16 - 072 East Broken Bottom/Reef whiting/snapper/nannygai
  4. Normanville is the place for Bungum worms
  5. just look on E-Bay that's where I got mine from They do attract the squid but hard to hook up on them I just use them as an attractor now and then trow them my normal squid lure [goldy colour]
  6. Hi , If you have access to 3 phase power and you live South I can mince berley for you.I have an old style butchers mincer that will do the job I do NOT want to sell it though.perhaps if there are more fishers that would like to get together and have a mince up day I will be all for it.
  7. The South Australian Fishing and Life Style Party has been going for a few years. There is no self interest as far running an Political party goes. There has been a lot of time and our own money gone into setting up this party. if you are interested then have a look into our website . there you will find our policy statement and also some links to other sites http://www.saflp.com/mission.html And if Knackers thinks I am an arrogant fool. you might have to have a look at yourself and what you stand for with comments like that you might find yourself on the outer when the time comes and they imp
  8. Neil Armstrong At the last State Election these were the results in the upper house Liberal Party 376,028Australian Labor Party 356,548The Greens 63,461Family First Party 42,003Dignity for Disability 11,373Save RAH Party 9,236Australian Democrats 8,644Gamers 4 Croydon 7,934Democratic Labor Party of Australia 7,858Shooters Party 7,601Independent SA Fishing & Lifestyle 6,973Almost 7000 votes and the SAFLP were virtually unknown then. We are an officially registered Political Party now and plenty of people now know who we are. Dignity for Disability got the last seat in the Upper House with 1
  9. It depends on what you are berleying for, for Gar and Tommies a top berley trail and for Snapper you have to get to the bottom I use a onion bag wit a 1/2 or full house brick depending on tidal run let it down to the botton then lift 1 meter off botem and the berley will spread quite a long way. Oh by the way DO NOT use snapper offal in your berley. Snapper heads are good for Crabs and Crays and White Pointers only
  10. on a dodge tide fish at Cape Jervois or on Tapley's Shoal where there is always a little tide movement and you can fish deeper waters without too much weight
  11. I think that if it is a steady light like as on the jetty for instance or the masthead light of a boat there is No harm done ,I think that Noise and a sudden light shining on the water does spook the fish
  12. Seeing it is only 2 pages I will try to put it in as an attachment
  13. On the front cove of the SA Angler is the late Ken Mann, who was a local Champion Angler.May He catch many more wherever He is,Let's Go Fishin, Christies Beach SA 5165 - Fishing - TrueLocalLet's Go Fishin , Christies Beach SA 5165. Full contact details ... Shop 7, 25Gulfview Rd ... Fishing Fishing Tackle. print. From; To Let's Go Fishin. Getdirections ...www.truelocal.com.au/business/lets-go-fishin/christies-beachif no luck i can copy and E-Mail pages you want
  14. Hi Melv. Keep in touch and I'll be seeing you then, in the mean time have a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year for You and your Family
  15. When are you likely to come over to South Australia?
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