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Aus/SA Abu Garcia reel parts suppliers

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Good day everyone,

After a weekend birds nest cost me a heap of line, and an arrogant swim by by a cheeky fish that knew I was out of commission, it was off to the stores today to pickup some light braid to see if that will help.

The next question was what reel to put the new braid on.

I had dug up my venerable Abu Garcia Cardinal 653, with the intention of returning it to service, but other than the heavy use I had long put it to, I found that the bail arm return spring had given up the ghost.

Googling turned up a couple of sites that might be able to provide parts, at a reasonable cost, but the shipping from the US or UK was murder.

Unfortunately the Australian Abu Garcia Parts webpage is a 404...


So can anyone tell or recommend somewhere I might still be able to get parts for this venerable reel locally?



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Would be hard to find parts for that locally mate.

 Best bet would be to contact Rob wilson at south oz rods. He might has some bits and bobs layimg around. If not he might be able to adapt some other parts to make it work again too. 

Rob is located in Hampstead gardens

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