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Help identifying amphibious fishing platform?

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Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong forum section, but I need some help identifying.

I had a customer come into work today who needed to purchase fishing rod holders for his new boat - he said maker was Janko? But that was all I could get out of him.

This thing looked insane. I have been googling for hours and can't work out who sells it. 

It was basically a 3x3 m fishing platform, but of a Bimini cover for shade, all seemed to be made out of aluminium, hand rails all around, standing about 2 metres in the air, movable by 4 big off road tyres. The image he showed me, they were fishing in the shallows on a beach. Didn't look like it had an outboard, Only the wheels.

If anyone has any idea what this thing is, or if you think it was a custom build, please let me know. Cheers. 

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9 hours ago, Kuerschie said:

Could be a Jinker? Kind of like a high top tractor that can drive through the water. There’s a few guys on the northern flats that use them to launch tinnys if I recall.

I think we have a winner!

Looked very similar to the older ones on Google image search, so his must've been fairly new. Thanks for your help mate, was driving me nuts!

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13 hours ago, Soobz said:

They're very popular/useful at Parham for launching/retrieving boats, didn't think they were used for fishing but I spose they could be.

They started out as a way to launch boats and are still used this way but in the last few years I have seen a increase of them being used to take families and groups of people out and then used as a platform to fish from as well as like a home base for swimming, kayaking etc

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