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Chasing trout in the Meander River.

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This spin session was a tough one, conditions were pretty good, but the trout were hard to find, I still managed to get onto a few wild brown trout thanks to the Mepps March Brown Bug spinner. Thanks for watching, enjoy the musical photo slideshow at the end of the video and stay safe on/in the water..

cheers Adrian (meppstas)


A few pics from the spin session.. as always, all the trout were released..1243028310_MeanderRiver.9585(Custom).JPG.88977d29fa1d57b123a9fb400ec6ff0f.JPG1059241473_MeanderRiver.9606(Custom).JPG.b31de1eb8373439def6676d02c47c6d7.JPG320255267_MeanderRiver.9598(Custom).JPG.e5a73dd8dd8e0ed546affbac69807a10.JPG1423359172_MeanderRiver.9659(Custom).JPG.a1d8c0531daf6ad76481a5fa1131e7cb.JPG2141449718_MeanderRiver.9610(Custom).JPG.b891503ff131ac04543fdfddb6f7fed7.JPG269468793_MeanderRiver.9620(Custom).JPG.2361ca79e0e5eb9433760e32cd9d62e7.JPG1522555377_MeanderRiver.9656(Custom).JPG.9ce67b2870470853804bb7b8eed06780.JPG


Meander River. 9668 (Custom).JPG

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Thanks Greg, it was tough that's for sure, it was a good hatch of Caddis Moths too, one of the best one for a season or two as well. We don't seem to get the big insect hatches like we used to years ago which is a shame..Here's a photo of a massive Dun hatch back in November 2009, never seem one like since..The air was full of then as was the water surface..

cheers Adrian


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