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My Rivers & Fish 2023/24 trout season photo books.

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With the trout season now closed for three months I went ahead and did my yearly photo books of the rivers/stream & trout that I caught & released throughout the season. 

Seeing as I took over 2,500 photos during the trout season I had to keep it to two medium size books as well as keeping the cost to a reasonable one. The good thing is that I held of until Snapfish had a 70% off which included extra pages.  Here's a few photos from both books, there's also a short 6 minute video musical photo slideshow on my YouTube channel as well, details at the bottom of the photos..


Adrian (meppstas)


1 IMG_2062 (Large).JPG

2 IMG_2063 (Large).JPG

3 IMG_2064 (Large).JPG

4 IMG_2065 (Large).JPG

5 IMG_2066 (Large).JPG

6 IMG_2067 (Large).JPG

7IMG_2068 (Large).JPG

8 IMG_2069 (Large).JPG

9 IMG_2070 (Large).JPG

10 IMG_2071 (Large).JPG

11 IMG_2072 (Large).JPG

12 IMG_2073 (Large).JPG

13 IMG_2074 (Large).JPG

14 IMG_2075 (Large).JPG

15 IMG_2076 (Large).JPG

16 IMG_2077 (Large).JPG

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5 hours ago, bjorn2fish said:

Fantastic photos mate, a magical backyard you have down there!


50 minutes ago, Des said:

Picture perfect there! Absolutely beautiful shots Adrian. :clap:

Thanks Bjorn & Des, it's something I like to do at the end of each trout season, always to look back on when I can't fish the rivers/streams in the near future.. I have 15 seasons of photo books now..😊

cheers Adrian

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