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excellent squid teaser

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recently i've been experimenting with a lot of different plastics and their effectiveness at attracting squid as i find squid jigs themselves sometimes aren't enough and you end up spending a lot of time waiting for squid to bite.i've found chatterbait style lures mumblers/cod dancers to be extremely effective as they put out a lot of flash and vibration to get them very excited then have a second rod on hand with jig when the squid get close and they tend to take the jigs very quickly when their excited.had a couple of these chatterbaits maulled by squid while doing fast retrieves.medium to slow retrieves over seagrass beds gets best results though. cuttlefish also love their action.white is my prefered colour of chatterbait for my area.they seem to be even more effective than a live tommy teaser.cheers wes

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Nice one Wes cheers for the tip. B) I remember one night at Pt turton when I had no lures of note and there were heaps of snook about,all i had lure wise was a squidgey wriggler in a big size,tried it for the snook, no luck,but squid were going na nas for it,latching on almost every cast.I made up one with a jag hook in it,havent tried it yet but after what i saw it should work well.Cheers B)

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