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  1. Cheers trouta i bombed this year think i finished 3600 ish over all , love the SH league and ill definitely be in a cash league next year lock me in. My best mate is Cweed he is currenlty in greece but will be back shortly ill get him to post n this thread cheers. Oh and CARN THE MIGHTY CATS!!!!!
  2. plenty of late night returns in summer at osullies. I think the only problem ive had was, once my D shackles were stolen. But if i ever catch anyone playin with my trailer/car they can come to tapleys with me :evil:
  3. i woud say lure mate. I got a 9'7 jig caster with a 3000 reel great out fit although i wish the knob on my handle was bigger :whistle: good luck mate
  4. Sweet vid jimbo! as i said i was good to catch up with you lads and im glad we got onto some fish too! Keen as for the reddie/trout hikes banga !
  5. nice mate , honestly how nuts are phones now! i was speaking with my bro last night in facetime and that is where its at.
  6. AFF nicks right about plenty of gape showing. I use 1/0's unweighted on the calllop and since i have changed they are amazing 100% lip hooked so far.
  7. Cheers Boyo great read! good luck tomoro!
  8. ahhhhh sweet sweet NOSTI also amazing on lamb especially cutlets
  9. cheers cal u nailed it sorry rickster easy come easy go !! the size of the one i found today would be and awesome bait!
  10. cheers tony! @rickster mate i owe u an apology AND a beer!
  11. paraimidjet awesome photo! have fished this jetty plenty and would love a copy for the man cave! can i ask a price?cheers Salty
  12. cheers rickster, but ive eaten witchetty's and is nowhere near big enough! also im sure bardie grubs come from trees these little buggers come from in the ground. I found this one in the dead patch of grass after i pulled the pool down? I may well be completely wrong tho :dry:
  13. gday again ive seen these before but never this size. I have used them on galaxis in the past with great success.They are a gun bait in my opinion especially if they are around this size! reddie/trout would love them i would think.Anyway WHAT IS IT ???cheers Salty