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    Rob62 reacted to Kelvin in Silly question   
    The Yellowfin whiting guys rate it. One theory is that a Mantis Shrimp punch cause cavitations in the water that emit light that the fish can hone in on. 
    Gulf St Vincent whiting with David Hall | Australian Lure Fishing (doclures.com)
    Alot of lures are UV reflective these days. Even some brands of mono and leader glow really brightly under UV light.
    I don't use UV spray but I like UV reflective lures in overcast conditions and dirty water for snook. 
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    Rob62 reacted to doobie in Boat Ramp and Surf Web Cams   
    Seems the Seacliff club has 2 cams now.
    Here's the other 'original' still going https://www.ipcamlive.com/slsc
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    Rob62 reacted to Des in SUNSHINE … ON MY SHOULDERS   
    I had checked the weather ahead for this week.
    And I could see there was a spell of Sunshine ahead.
    So I managed to rearrange my week and set off fishing on this Sunny day.
    It was such an enjoyable day, fishing in the brilliant sunny conditions today. And there were some good results.
    Here are a few reasons why sunny days are great for lure fishing Yellow Fin Whiting on the Sandflats.
    Simply put, on sunny days you will catch more Yellow Fin Whiting !
    There is the extra warmth in the water that a sunny day adds. Increasing the fish metabolism and their eagerness to feed.
    There is usually much better water clarity on sunny days.
    Your lures are so much more visible to the fish.
    Bright sunshine will also reflect a lot more off your lures, gaining the fish’s attention from a long way off.
    Fish will notice your lure from a much greater distance, and often come hurtling in, at right angles from afar. Most often this happens very late in your retrieve.
    Importantly, strong sunshine produces an extra “attractant”. Another stimulus. Something extra for YFW to chase.
    The strong overhead sunlight casts a strong shadow from your lure onto the sand below. The stronger the sunshine, the stronger the shadow, and the stronger the stimulus.
    Yes, in bright sunshine, you will often see whiting chase the lure shadow cast onto the sand. They will chase and frustratingly grab at the shadow along the sand, before looking up and striking the lure above.
    The sunny days also provides the fisher with better visibility.
    One can clearly see all the terrain on the sandflats. It is much easier to identify and target your casts to known fish holding spots.
    Structures like sand steps, shallow ledges, gutters and channels can all be easily seen and cast towards.
    You can spot fish a lot easier and further away, in bright sunshine without disturbing them.
    Sight casting your lures to and hooking up visible fish while wading the shallows is such a thrill.
    The greater visibility of the lure, the chase, the strike, the runs and the fight of the hooked fish, all enhances the experience for the fisher.
    It is so much more fun in Sunshine.
    But really, on these days, it does not matter if you don’t catch fish ! Sunshine on your shoulder just makes you happy.
    This day started with light winds creating a strong ripple on the surface, under the bright sunshine of a clear blue sky of a hot day.
    Clear or lighter coloured lures work better in strong sunshine for me.
    These were my successful lures today.

    Zipbaits Skinny Pop and Fakie Dog DS in their clear colours took fish.

    Smaller lures are easily seen in bright sunshine, and are a bit more subtle in the high visibility and light wind conditions. .
    A new lure I tried for the first time today; Zipbaits ZBL Zoea Lipple 45F Floating Lure Col:248. A small juvenile shrimp imitation worked very well. I think they may have been designed for Bream but I knew they would catch YFW on days like today.

    Jackson Ebi Panic in the clear colour comes to the fore in these conditions.
    The ever reliable Sugapen in MB16 was still producing the goods. Although it was the smaller 70mm that was successful rather than my fave size, the 95mm.

    As every thing is seen so much clearer on these days, I don’t like to give shy fish a second look at the lure immediately. If they have chased the lure and have not committed, my next cast will be 90 degrees away to let them settle before I cast back at them. On windy and cloudier days fish are more aggressive and you can send repetitive casts their way with out scaring them off.
    The breeze died down later in the afternoon. And the water had glassed off.  Fish were getting timid, not hooking up well with many dropped fish.
    I finished with 16 fish. Ranging in size, from 30 to 40CM. With 5 fish around the 40cm mark.
    Sunshine on my shoulder made me very happy on this day.
    Cheers, Des
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    Rob62 reacted to Des in DOUBLE HAPPINESS - HAPPY NEW YEAR   
    I like fishing the Dodge tides for Yellow Fin Whiting.
    I posted a detailed explanation of the factors in this post:
    So to start the New Year with a couple of days of dodge tides was something to look forward to.
    It was a sunny day. The water temperatures were up there, at around 23C. The small tide was perfect to hold and concentrate the fish for me.
    I went to work with my trusty Sugapen 95 in the MB16 colour. And there was plenty of interest straight away.
    Pretty soon the polite enquiries towards my lure became full blown, “I’ll take that. Thanks.”
    There was a purple patch in which I took 10 fish in the first hour of fishing. The temperature, the tide, the sun, and a perfect stiff breeze, all had the YFW at their aggressive best.
    It got competitive with the YFW. What a delightful sight it is to see a gang of YFW all trying to shoulder each other out of the way, competing to be the first to jump onto your lure skipping on the surface.
    Sometimes in a tight contest, there is close second. And so it was when two YFW hit my lure together.

    For many I unusually use two sets of Assist hooks on my larger lures. I have Atomic Trick Bitz #8 hooks on the rear and Ecogear ZX hooks in the middle. In about 40% of cases the YFW will hit the middle assist hook. And when there is competition and a close race you wind up with a Double Header on a lure ! 

    A special experience that I have been lucky to have had a couple of times previously. In the past, they have been mostly the smaller supper eager inexperienced fish.
    Today they were quality fish. It was a struggle bringing them in … oooh! maybe a new PB. It turned out to be two quality fish at 35cm and 38cm. Both well hooked on the same lure.

    I enjoyed that purple patch, for not long, as soon the wind came in stronger and stronger and the fishing got harder and harder. When it got to 20-25 knots wading got impossible and the fish no where to be seen.
    I was able to bag 17 fish before the wind shooed them all away.

    This is the prime time of the year for big YFW whiting. As the high water temperatures hold a lot of new season’s juvenile prawns in the shallows. And they are the right sized meal for the big ravenous YFW. Most fish caught were over 35cm and 3 fish were around 40cm.

    Can’t wait for the next dodge tide. Hopefully the weather and wind will also be favourable.
    Happy New Year and Tight Lines to all.
    Cheers, Des
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    Rob62 reacted to Des in STRIKE WHILE IT’S HOT   
    With a very mild Spring and early Summer, Yellow Fin Whiting lure fishing has had a few challenges this season.
    The weather patterns have not sustained a constant water temperature. It barely heats up when a cold change with a series of cold days would chill off the water. It looks like we may have turned the corner.
    We have not yet seen a sustained warm spell to put the warmth into the water and hold it there for a prolonged spell. It is the sustained higher water temperatures that has the greatest impact on the ecosystem and the behaviour of the YFW. Yes we have been finding a few YFW on lures, but nothing like those hot bag out sessions of last year.
    So today after a few, rare consecutive days of 30+C I was off to seize the opportunity and “Strike while the water was hot”

    Comparative water temperature maps. What a difference a few warm days make
    I was trying to avoid the cooler water in the morning, by starting around 11.30am. Sleeping in ! The water was still surprisingly cold at the start. Thermal lag, meant the water was still holding onto a cool temperature after a spell of cold days earlier in the week. Hence the importance of a sustained period of warmth. It was hard to find fish showing interest in any of the surface lures in the incoming tide.  Fish would not rise for the lure. The few fish spotted, were hanging back from the lure and staying deep. They were keeping as cool and calm as the water temperature.  I went subsurface with the Ecogear ZX43 blade to catch a couple of good fish.


    The Salmon Trout have moved out & the Trumpeters have moved in. A sure sign of warm water.
    Still it was not until the tide started to run off late afternoon, and the water had warmed up from the heat of the day, did the fishing come alive. Increasingly overcast conditions did put a dampener on the fishing. You always catch more in sunshine. I had to resort to some UV enhancement tricks to engage the fish. UV sprays and UV flash tinsels can transform the standard sunny day lures into successful overcast day lures. A quick spray on your lure. It dries fast. Although it leaves a strong lacquer smell. So rub it over with some S factor or Pro-Cure scent to negate the smell. Today my ever reliable Sugapen 95 could only catch fish with the UV enhancements. 

    I worked through a variety of surface lures today. The other successful ones being Zipbaits Fakie Dog DS, Ebi Panic, MMD Splash prawn-AW Yabby, 

    And one I have not used for a couple of years, the Atomic K9 Bulldog which took the biggest fish.

    The smaller size lures where better in lighter winds and the bigger and noisier lures in the stronger wind spells.
    The day finished strongly with the fish more aggressive in the warm water late in the day. I released a few fish in the high 20s to 30cm and kept 17 fish in the 31- 40cm range. Most were in the 35 to 40cm range. A clear sign of the warm water attracting a new batch of juvenile prawns onto the sand flats along with the larger predatory Yellow Fin Whiting.

    Happy Hot days and some Hot fishing sessions ahead !
    Cheers, Des
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    Rob62 reacted to MAH in Knot help please   
    I've practiced this knot a couple of times today and I'm very impressed.
    I normally don't like line to leader knots that include a bend in the leader, because I don't like how the line goes through the guides when casting, especially micro guide. I like the tag of the leader going in the same direction as the leader. But with the Yucatan I was able to trim the leader tag super close, so it shouldn't an issue when casting.
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