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  1. Bilbobaggins

    Best 3 Jigs

    Motor oil colour, white and one bright one.
  2. I think I’ll be trying thompsons beach soon
  3. excellent write up. Enjoy your posts. Was thinking of hitting up thomsons on high tide. Any success high tide? I remember one day it was low tide and walked straight out into thigh deep water and hooked onto a whiting. Then the last thing that hooked on snapped my line. the walk out it tedious. I might buy those welcher things.
  4. I pulled into this fish and chip shop at green acres Captain Hook. Had garfish and chips fairly cheap.
  5. I’ve been busted off at northern sand flats on low tide. Tore my swivel off. maybe I didn’t tie my swivel on well enough or just a large fish.
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