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  1. Hi every one, ive been so busy with my wife and eldest son with there needs that i havent been fishing in months, i think i have started twicthing lol, im going to change my fishing this winter and target squid, has anyone been catching any lately?,
  2. Hi peoples, im planning a day with the kids fishing of sellicks, and maybe some me time of PNJ, our easter bunny only brings the small eggs and we make our own eggs from chocalate molds, saves me a packet and keeps the kids busy after driving interstate trucks for years here are some safety tips for easterheadlights on even in daytimetry to only travel in daylight rest every 2-3 hours or split driverscheck tyres and pressurecheck brakes and fluidand stay safe Hope we all catch some fish, good luck
  3. Fellas, nice weather hey, i cruised down the esplanade here in aldinga just to have a look, waves were nasty wind was blowing hard, i enjoy fishing in the rain if there's no wind but wind takes the fun out of it, i wonder how the wind affects casting out with a 14 footer, but with my poxy fish at me feet rod, it sucks. I always found out in the boat after a good storm fishing was at it best, im planning tomorrows fish of sellicks, willy weather says wind should be dropping by morning so could be a good catch
  4. actually i am absolutely hopeless at squiding, never caught one, ive got several squid jags, whats the trick to catching squidFrom memory an hour before sunset is that still the go?
  5. do you get many stingiezzz off there, would love to catch one of them, do you catch and release? or are they edible? next month or so im gonns get me self a good surf rod and reel, today i was only casting about 10 ft away, amazing whats in so closeanyway peoples good luck:fishing:
  6. 32-33 cms, good fight to, out of bait now till payday cant wait to go back
  7. Lol, sorry buddy, i took my 3 kids with me it felt like work lolCaught 5 bream (apparently there bream)
  8. well its that time again, of to sellicks for a bit of a fish, hopefully i catch some, busy morning fixing some computers, made a bit of money time to get a bit of stuff from the tackle shop and away we gogood luck to all going fishing
  9. The tackle shop seems to think fish can see the line, now with a memory of 5 seconds or so how do they remember what it is? must be instinct, anywho thinking that i reduced the amount of bait on a size 8 hook and just covered it up leaving the hook exposed, maybe technique maybe luck, still there gonna be dinner, do you guys have many fish get of the hook half way in?, bloody sucks is it my hooks or just smart fishies?
  10. Finely caught something decent, couple of whiting should go nice with fresh veggies from the garden, hopefully more to come tomorrow.
  11. Hey champ, good question, i always think of that when buying bait and tackle, why is this one cheaper, im new to beach fishing but not new to fishing, the last few years ive gone from cockles to pilchards to squid to mullet mix. i found with the pilchards and squid that cheaper ones were crap and old looking, be good to hear what others thnk
  12. Nice few hours off sellicks feeding the fish this morning, lots of bites but didnt manage to hook anything. maybe if get time head down tonight
  13. That is crap, whats it actually saying about there components, most washers are reasonably strong and would have a rough breaking point, the force of the drag on the washer can be determined by the maximum pressure created by one part divided by the maximum pressure received by the other, that would give you the washer needed to withhold such events, normally one would increase washer size so a bit of play and extra force wouldn't break the washer, so if you pay big money for your reels, why cant they use this simple maths to make sure they don't break, firstly things lasting for ever don't cr
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