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  1. They are amazing to see close up. I was lucky enough to see one that was at least 2m about 20 years ago near Pt. Giles.
  2. Could not agree more. Complement flavours when cooking or preparing food not destroy them. @Panga, may as well cut circles out of stingray flaps and pickle them.
  3. Why 10' Big John ? and your golf game is as bad as mine mate. Gotta arrange a game soon mate. But they will work because I work on the principle KISS - keep it simple stupid. Most of the Razor Fish in my area are in more than 6' of water. My golf game couldn't be that bad as I haven't lost them all. lol
  4. Thanks for that. Only wish I could have taken photos of all the different fish I have caught over the years but nowhere near that lot.
  5. Good idea Lindsay. I just need one about 10' long. I've got plenty of those damn golf balls.
  6. With Spring in the air and summer BBQ's around the corner will have to give this a try. Have all the ingredients apart from the squid but I can fix that.
  7. Good luck with your worming run Panga. Sorry I can't go. Taking the horse to the vet at Roseworthy College tomorrow morning. I have a cheaper solution but my life would not be worth living. I might be able to get out but did not want to risk pulling out at the last minute.
  8. A big thanks to all that helped. Such a great cause.
  9. Bloodworm, when you are defrosting the natural worms, either use paper towel or dry beach sand. That will suck up the juices and will be perfect to use David David, I have always thawed my natural worms on a bed of salt or put salt in the bag before hitting the beach for YFW. Just trying a different method but find salt the bees knees.
  10. Took some of the Metho treated worms out yesterday for a try on the Tingas. Although I did not catch any on the worm I was pleased with the way they presented. They thawed out without going soft and mushy, almost like fresh ones.
  11. After getting out 4 times in one week I have been struck down with the flu. Wanted to try some bloodworms in the Marina but realized it was not just "Man Flu". Will try and hit the Tingas on Tuesday.
  12. I would prefer also to just use them el'natural and agree tubies are better bait. The reason for adding the oil was to be able to eliminate all the air out of the bag before zip sealing. I checked the bags today and there was air and ice in the bags. I have heard that vacuum packing the fresh worms is too rough on them but I think that was worms that had been just dried on paper. I use Bloodworms for YFW, KGW and Bream. Plenty of other species like them too like Mullet, Tommies, ST and of course Mulloway.
  13. Thanks for that Barney, it was a reasonable run. We were very happy and who knows what the weather will be like on those few days in July and August. Back to the report and a few pics. We had a few delays on the way back with masses of weed blocking the intake causing some over heating as well as covering the sounder so it was a slow trip back to the ramp. What ramp???? For a new facility it was disappointing that there were no lights on or operating on the night we came back in. Nearly crashed into the break wall at the entrance. Note: remember to take the spot light next time. Backing the trailer was not that easy in pitch black and the reversing light on the trailer. Decided to change my method of preserving as just drying them needed salt for thawing otherwise they just go very soft and mushy. Thanks to Panga for your input as I had lost my notes from previous threads. 50:50 Seawater and Metho 100% Metho for one minute I can hardly wait to try them out and compare the two methods out soon. I had a thought to put Tuna oil in some of the packets before freezing but time ran out. Would like anyone's thoughts about adding oil. That's all Folks, good fishing.
  14. Headed out to "Moonta North" on Tuesday evening with my trusty deckie, three days after the New Moon to see if the bloods were running and to check out the new lights on the boat. Launched a few hours before dark to sus out the spot and then moved out about 5kms for a little fishing till sunset. Did not expect to catch anything due to the timing of the Bloodworm run but what else do you do apart from look at the stunning scenery from the wind farms to the start of the Flinders Ranges. Expected to catch a few squid but surprise, surprise George decided to come to the party and had enough for a feed before we had to head off. Moved back to spot x and sat around chatting and adding layers of clothes until about an hour after high tide before switching on the lights. We had some severe reservations about being out worming this night because there were ZERO boats out apart from a pro that was out wide. Do the locals know something we don't???? Are there no worms to be had on this perfect June night????? No butterflies here. Soon after turning on the lights we were again stunned by how alive the water was with small fast worms (I don't know what they are) and before long the first Bloodworm appeared out of the darkness. About 2 hours later we had about 4 litres of worms. We were allowed 8 litres but 4 was plenty and wanted to get back home by 2 am to get a few hours sleep I will finish this report when I reduce the size of the pic files and let you know how we got on with the preserving and storage. Stay tuned.