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    • By xMint
      Going up for a fishing trip, the guy who always smoked the Tommy's wont be with us so I went and bought a fish smoker. It comes with 3 burners and 2 racks. I know how it all works just dont know what I need to do in order to cook the tommy right. Do I use all 3 burners, do I have the smoke vent open, how much woodchips and for how long? I know this probably varies but maybe the adept amoung you can shine some light on this topic for me?
    • By The Fishing Guru
      Hey Guys.
      As many of you are aware, I am really trying to ramp up the videos of late. One of the things that is really bugging me lately is seeing people not necessarily doing the right thing when it comes to size and bag limits so this is our way of trying to promote the correct behaviors throughout the fishing community. I know that obviously most (if not all) of you guys will not necessarily fall into that category but thought I'd upload this one for those that may wish to use it as a how to guide to make some cool little measures up for yourselves
      The measures actually come up really well and look pretty cool too

      If any of you would like the template to print, you can find it here:
      Blue Swimmer Crab Measure Template - THE FISHING GURU.pdf
      Cheers for your time Hookers.
    • By The Fishing Guru
      Here we have a really quick tutorial on how to measure Goolwa Cockles / Pipis when collecting for food/bait.
      Please note that the current size limit in this area (Goolwa SA, December 2017) is 3.5cm minimum and the bag limits are as follows 
      - 300 per person
      - 900 per vehicle (4 or more people)
      - 1200 possession (total allowed in storage/freezer)
      Keep an eye out for a new video coming shortly on how to make a basic cockle measurer out of an icecream container lid
      Don't forget to hit the "Subscribe" button to catch our new videos as they are uploaded and feel free to check us out on facebook:
      Thanks for watching 😁