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Southport Beach Access

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I know the road going along the Onk is closed for work (Weatherald Terrace), but does anyone know if there is access across the footbridge? I was thinking I might be able to park on one of the streets above and take the footpath down to the bridge and do a bit of salmon fishing. Thanks.

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It's blocked at both ends now, as I found out today.

(I gave Vogon a bum steer Thursday saying it was ok to get to the footbridge, but you can't - sorry Vogon).

You can't park in the car park overlooking the mouth as that is all being done up.

The other streets are too far away and I don't think you'd get through the barriers they put up.

You could probably park Marlborough St or Truro St and take the path down to Weatherald which comes out by the toilets - not sure, but it could be a sneaky way through.

Otherwise only way is parking South of the PN surf club and walking - the exercise will do you good :D


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2 hours ago, plankton said:

Thanks Doobie.

Did you fish Southport? Any action?

No worries mate.

Yep, lured from Southport to the jetty and back (plus over at Maslins) and not one touch.

Another couple of guys were luring around for nothing and another one using baits, and nothing either.

I could see 1 guy on the jetty getting Mullet and there was a guy one on the footbridge getting a couple of Mullet & Bream.

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