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DIY flounder spear

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First make a piece of junk out of a metal mop handle to see the limitations of such a beast.

Then beef everything up - drill holes into heavy curtain rod - cut steel rod in half and hammer into pole - add hose clamps - sharpen the tips - and you're ready to put holes into some flounder

A flounder guru set me straight and said you need a heavy pole and long tines. The heavy pole makes penetration a breeze especially on boney headed flathead - and no barbs makes getting them off the spear too easy









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Most of my materials come from curb side rubbish collection piles - so there is no shortage of old mops to choose from.

And yeah - improvised tool use is one of my specialties - Just yesterday I was faced with getting some huge sturdy card boxes into the bin - the stanley knife was breaking my balls - Cordless Jigsaw made short work of it👍

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my rod is 1250mm long and the metal rods stick out 450mm - so thats a total length of 1700mm - the solid wood curtain rod diameter is 33mm.

The steel rods are 6mm diametre and come in 1m lengths from bunnings - so I hacksawed that in half to make the 2 spear points that are 500mm long.

I'm from Victoria so I cant help with local  spots - but beaches I spear are inside port phillip bay - flat bottomed, calm, very gradually sloping beaches that receive no swell apart from wind driven swell.

Heres the regs for SA - its worth checking it out because there are laws in VIC like a spear with a rubber attached is illegal but the same spear with out a rubber is legal



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Last tip is - while you will find plenty of flounder on a clear still night with a head torch - you will find more with a submersible light.  The angle of the light hitting the fishes back is important.

When the light comes from directly on top, its doesnt cast a shadow - but if you have a submersible light shining across their back it casts a shadow and makes them much easier to spot.

I bought one of those battery operated units as I already had alot of rechargeable aa batteries.


Heres some footage of them in action - its dipping for gars but you'll get the idea -

p.s. theres usually plenty of gars in the spots I fish for flounder - and stingrays - so tread carefully




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