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  1. Semaphore jetty at night time there are plagues of them. Only small one tho
  2. anchovy

    Lure ID

    can anyone ID these 2 lures I found at the reservoir? I've already lost about 4 spinners and 1 wonder wobbler so at least I'm getting something back the black spinnerbait thing was pulled out from the water and the hardbody was just sitting on the shore. I replaced the trebles on the hardbody as they were rusty also is that spinnerbait complete? there doesn't seem to be any hook
  3. Ok whatever ... I never said I was certain about anything if you read my post I said "IF they are the same species" In any case they are heaps similair this is a photo of a terrestrial genus Lumbricus It looks almost exactly the same as a seaweed worm. I still think you could POSSIBLY (not definitely) catch YFW on these it's not like they know biology. but maybe it would smell different enough that they wouldn't take it. worth a try though, nothing to lose and if it works then getting bait for YFW would become a hell of a lot easier and cheaper. just throwing it out there
  4. No they don't keep well at all. if you want to use them live you have to use them pretty much straight away. if you have an aerator you can maybe keep them alive for a couple days.
  5. Could be, but I think it would be strange to put garden worms in brackets if they potentially belong to a completely different order, family, genus and species. So what is the Genus and species of seaweed worms? I have not been able to find that information anywhere.
  6. I don't think so if they are the same species then they are the exact same animal, doesn't matter the environment they are found in they have the same characteristics. gents don't turn to mush or die instantly when they hit saltwater yet they haven't 'evolved' to specifically live in a saline environment (not that I believe in that...). here is the document by the way (NRM not PIRSA my bad) www.naturalresources.sa.gov.au/files/sharedassets/northern_and_yorke/coast_and_marine/yp_2014_assets_-_part_2_-_marine_ecological_assets_-_section_5_-_mudflats_and_sandflats.pdf doesn't have the scientific species name but on page 10 last sentence of the paragraph says
  7. I recently read a PIRSA document that says seaweed worms are the same species as garden worms. So I'm wondering if you could just dig garden worms and get YFW with them By the way the easiest way to get worms is to dig under your compost pile if you have one. I can get worms in about 2 minutes from my backyard just by digging where my compost pile is.
  8. Ray Annes, when I lived in the suburbs they never failed me. They should have all those worms, don't know about nightcrawlers though. You're better off learning to get you're own bait though, buying worms becomes expensive very quickly. It's also very satisfying when you learn how to obtain a new bait source, it's like learning to catch a new species of fish
  9. what is the most weed resistant rig for fishing the flats??
  10. who needs Snapper when you got Ocean Jackets, just ask Tim Whetstone haha true victoria has better natural resources than us as does probably every other state but at least we don't get fined for going 1-2km over the speed limit.
  11. anchovy


    I have found that the size of mature specimens can vary a lot by location. so ideal hook size may vary but what determines hook size for me is what I'm fishing for. For YFW I use hook size of 6-8 so if the nippers are small it would be better to use an 8 and if they are larger a 6. they can be tricky to put on a hook especially if they are small they almost disintegrate when you put the hook through them. I go through the back of the tail and out through the front so they are still alive. from what I've read they are a premium bait that almost any fish would take. I've caught a garfish on a nipper before
  12. https://www.abc.net.au/news/science/2019-01-03/why-do-fish-jump-and-how/10519986
  13. they have to pay money for a fishing license though and we don't so we have it better
  14. anchovy

    P.b Trout

    love that last photo. what do you do with all those trout, smoke em?
  15. Hey just wondering if anyone knows blogs, youtubes or the like for local fishing? I've been enjoying "AlexsFishin" and "David Sheldon Fishing" youtube channels.