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Mini Floating Burley Cages

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You wet the bread crumbs down so they can be moulded into a dough - that dough will survive being cast out and getting to the bottom. Then it will dissolve, get washed out by current out or be pecked out by fish

but yeah, you want the burley to fall out eventually - you just have to get the right dampness of the mix - so it falls out on the bottom and not while being cast.

I had the mix in this vid about perfect before I added the corn - then it got a bit rubbery - so you have to watch how much moisture goes in or it will clump and not be released



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I was running low on beads and I figured I dont need beads in all the scenarios I use them.

I mainly use them to stop my "rubber line stops" passing through or getting wedged in my floats.

So I holed punched a plastic milk carton - sharpened a thin bit of wire and stabbed them through. The wire leaves a neat little hole - Too easy




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1 hour ago, Jimmy. said:

seems like a crazy amount of work? is there nothing off the shelf similiar?


“The labor we delight in physics pain.”

Shakespeare, Macbeth

I'm one of those weirdos that enjoys the problem solving of making my own tackle.

You could definitely buy much prettier versions of what I'm making but I dont..

I like trying alot of different types of fishing. But I'm not sure I will enjoy them or whether that method will be suitable for the spot I'm fishing. Some of those styles need considerable cost and waiting times, for things to get delivered.

If I make my own stuff - it cost me next to nothing - I can tweak the design to meet my needs - its made the same day and I can try the method that afternoon. If I loose a few to snags - They can be replaced within a few minutes from junk I find on the side of the road


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