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The rewards of small stream fishing.

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Just as the title reads, this is a video I put together on the rewards one can get from fishing small streams and it doesn't have to be in Tasmania either. 

As most of you know it was in South Australia where I first started out chasing trout in small streams back in the late 60's. I hope you enjoy the video..👍




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Thanks doobie, talking about fallen trees, we had a massive storm pass through our area a couple of weeks ago with winds up to 185 kph, hundreds of large gum trees down every where. I was talking to the land owner the other day and he said I will have some fun fishing the 4 kms of the small stream on his property when the season opens on 6th August. He had to put five cattle down that had broken backs from trees that toppled down on them. On the way home I saw plenty of trees down in the open areas in the paddocks, so I can imagine what I'm in for when I do hit the small streams again. It will be interesting to see what the Mersey River will look like when I get to fish it as well, it was in the path of the storm too.




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