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    Painting Lures

    After watching a school of salmon swing by the pier - I saw that even they can be selective when in a frenzy - and the guys doing most of the catching, had a few things in common. SO I tried making my jigheads a bit fancier. I put on a couple of coats of the cheapest spray paint at bunnings - fiddly bits in matt white. But it didnt hold on to the lead very well - and I should have done more coats- I was warned Id need to use a primer paint on the lead first but ignored those warnings. Also learned that spray paint and polystyrene dont play well together
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  2. TERRAIN: HIGHWAYS TO THE FEEDING ZONES … You can sign along to this post ! Yellow Fin Whiting have been showing up in good numbers in both gulfs recently. But you still need to find them, and fish the right spots … at the right stage in the tide. YFW are always on the move. Actively feeding on a moving tide. Both in and out going tides. But there are dead transit zones, over which they will pass through without providing you much of a chance to catch them. These are merely the … Highways to the Feeding zones. The feeding zones is where you want to be fishing. I
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