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  1. For a beginner crossing, Adelaide to Port Vincent is a good one. A mate does it quite a bit when its nice and glassy. You can get a casual berth at the Port Vincent Marina - go over there and spend the night, have a few beers at the pub, go back sleep on the boat and plus you can use their toilet / shower block at the marina. I reckon its like $30-40 for the night.
  2. Cool. That's the go. The Kluger is due to be traded in mid year. Will put one of those on the new Toyota. Over at Moonta on week end - will take a photo and post.
  3. Now that I am on the wrong side of 50, my good wife decided that the days of me hand winching the Northbank onto the trailer, were to come to an end, and bought me a electric winch for Xmas. Bonus! Better than hankies and socks. She got me a Powerwinch 712A which is made in the US and has about a 3400kg pulling capacity. Which is heaps to drag in the 500C. Then I just had to install it. Being Mr Tight A I wanted to do that myself and not pay someone to fit it. The post on the front of the trailer where the hand winch was - I had to measure a point on the post where the new winch wo
  4. Ideally I wouldn't want to pay for a RFL. Its a pain if you are visiting interstate and need a licence to go fishing for like 3-4 hours. Same deal here with interstate tourists. But it wouldn't deter me. My boat cost $35000, insurance is like $400 a year, fuel $25 a modest trip, a service is $500 and so on. A licence would reduce the number of fishers, simple economics, some people would rather spend their $ on something else. So I suppose more fish get to live - for me - which is good. But these guys generally wont be catching much anyway. Compared to the more serious of us, who inves
  5. The most reliable barra fishing method I have seen was at Nauiyu Nambiyu (Daly River Community) by a very wise traditional owner, using a secret traditional fishing method. Rod: Brno .22. Bait: Winchester Power Points.
  6. Barra can be hit and miss. I have lived in the NT for 7-8 years, Jabiru, Katherine, Darwin @ various times. Fished all the usual spots and some not so usual - got some good fish. Once I went to this billabong down near Bestwick / Barunga - mate worked with the traditional owners, so we could get in - it looked like Barra uber paradise. Well I flicked a lure off these rocks, into where the billabong drained into a fast flowing creek, for like 4 hours. Then my mates girlfriend chucks the most pathetic first cast into the same spot I had been casting into - 10-15m away - and bags like a 1m barra
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