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  1. Hi jackI think she is pretty close to 9kg its hard to tell 8.8kg ? Nice fish very close to 20lb I recon Still she should have fed a few, very nice well done.
  2. Shark attacks are tragic and it would be total horror to be it that position And I feel for his family, and I have heard this before Two Sharks Nick Petersen 2004As much as people say it's their territory that has some truth to it, as we can't breathe underwater without assistants of technology, not having a dig squid king just in general, but we work rest and play all the time around the water so it is also our place we want to be And I know the abalone divers know the risk and are paid very well, and they have shark cages But I have to think was he wearing a shark shield I was under the impression all abalone divers wore them these days I have seen only one Great White it was doing figure eight at the back of the boat for around 20mins and I am pretty sure the hair on the back put some holes in my shirt and I knew if I went for a swim at that time I would be lunch as much as I was in ore of this magnificent creature I think sharks that kill people should be hunted and donated to science
  3. shane

    Fish ID

    Looks Like A Sad Bullseye
  4. As long as she can hold a bottle or can in her for a while and your still happy to drink them after All is good, well done carps least you didn't give up on her, many others would have left her on the curb and looked for some new talent
  5. Sandy this is No laughing Matter were talking about an EskyWhich is on a Knife edge and we are doing everything in our power to save from the hard rubbish
  6. Well I haven't seen any mushroom cloud in the distance or any choppers flying over head But carps that would be one way to get rid of the smell I think shagging got a problem with a Guy on a jetty Can he borrow it first and just tell the old guy the esky is full
  7. Complete with stainless steel sink, lemon, vinegar, bicarb soda and anything else that will fit
  8. I had left some whiting slime in my esky and two weeks later jumped in the boat and thought why was the lid down I normally leave it open, and the smell I could hear the neighbour's dog dry reachingAll you can do is clean it the best you can and just using it the smell will go it is a fish esky after all you don't really wont to use harsh cleaners stick to food grade stuff or sell it on eBay
  9. Can see that Jagger, crab cruncher for sure Very nice fish fishie
  10. Top stuff Stephen4 keepers is a good dayLeast there not sandflies
  11. No it looks well like bragging rights to meWell done fishnfreakThe snapper bug can bit big timeI always look at the freezer and ask can she take anymore and the answer is No
  12. The way to break in a new rod Ashton3yrs old 4lb line has to be a record somewhere top stuff You should ask Mum and Dad for a trophy or at least a frame picture Proud Parents love it And I agree watch out team weaver I don’t know about 10-15yrs looks like a pretty good team now
  13. Petty sure those marks are the Barges they are pretty big blocks I suppose But if you do go back to the Blocks watch out on low tide lot of anchor ropes could get ugly :Pand it sounds like aka the fuel station is its new nickname
  14. Ale do they call that the Fuelstation?
  15. Man it looks like you scored top weather too No wonder the cartons emptied Evaporation can’t leave then open for to long Have a good Xmas