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  1. Sorry guys I haven't been on in a while but will be going through pics and reports tonight to judge a winner
  2. weaver

    Snap snaps

    Cracker tune aye seagypsy
  3. Just thinking out aloud, The winning fishing session might possibly be a Coorong mission for school jew ,Mangrove Big bream or even a Cod trolling session, Get the pics in guys
  4. Thanks guys, im having fun putting these together and it would be nice to see it go some where some day. I will throw up another soon
  5. As long as it's taken this month go you hardest mate
  6. Where did you hear that keenfisho? Tonics crap on everything else, period!, Does anyone know who originally made the brand spotters? Doug Phillips, who makes now tonics? Doug Phillips. Interested to know if you had glass lenses Southie or poly?
  7. Hi guys , I have been talking with Bjorn about getting a Feb photo comp going where the prize is a day out with me on the river chasing callop on lures. The time and date will be mutually agreed upon so lets see you best pics for your February fishing efforts fresh or salt, Can be sunrise/set pics, big fish, rare catch oddball etc Winner will be chosen by me at the end of the month so lets get the party started!
  8. Yeah i scent the crabs mate, X factor, pro cure in shrimp, home made scent with tuna oil and curry.
  9. Short film of some recent captures on crab imitations
  10. Whats a bream specific action in a rod?
  11. This year alone my boat almost sank due to some scumbag taking my bungs out while i slept in my swag, Water was coming in over the transom when i got back to it from parking the car and i was a very lucky man.Had to bail 100's of litres before the car could pull the boat out then it too a good 25min to drain. After parking the car i proceeded to bog that in the sand. Prior to that i had a sounder taken out by a Roo flying over the bonnett and conecting with my boat, Had my 899 humminbird cook and die, Cut the transducer cable off my 899 in a very early and dark start on the river. Foot pedal for electric fry and die, last on the agenda i was attacked by a dog ,, Great six months on the river