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  1. apologies for the above link in Portuguese - Heres one in English https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000768596517.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.main.21.4fdb43c86XjQZN&algo_pvid=dbbb35a2-cf8a-4787-9242-fb3168f3b6dc&algo_exp_id=dbbb35a2-cf8a-4787-9242-fb3168f3b6dc-10&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"12000027223563400"}&pdp_npi=3%40dis!AUD!3.65!3.31!!!!!%4021224e9b16792719760316003d074d!12000027223563400!sea!AU!892774111&curPageLogUid=SRpUoqJp6elk I did buy what appears to be the same product from 2 different sellers - this was the more expensive of the 2 - but the video of th
  2. The arrival of those fake Zmans has coincided with a bit of a dip in fish activity - both the Eps and red fin are being a bit fussy. I was throwing around some unweighted sand worms at both species this evening. That seemed to perk them up a bit. But my standard mojiko worms are too thin to be durable enough to use on species with so many short strikes. So I searched for some more fake ZMANS in a sandworm style. The swimming action on these is bound to be better than stuff Ive used before https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003280088891.html?spm=a2g0o.order_list.order_list_
  3. The fake ZMANS arrived - looking forward to giving these a spin
  4. After watching a school of salmon swing by the pier - I saw that even they can be selective when in a frenzy - and the guys doing most of the catching, had a few things in common. SO I tried making my jigheads a bit fancier. I put on a couple of coats of the cheapest spray paint at bunnings - fiddly bits in matt white. But it didnt hold on to the lead very well - and I should have done more coats- I was warned Id need to use a primer paint on the lead first but ignored those warnings. Also learned that spray paint and polystyrene dont play well together
  5. as the guys have mentioned - you can get some good results with nail polish - the glitter over lays on a matt back ground would add some sparkle
  6. You can also buy paint marker pens designed for water use https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/CS_Quick-Coat_Paint_Marker/descpage-CSQKCTM.html
  7. The rigging foam arrived and it’s too skinny for my needs
  8. Yeah although the soy sauce bottle lure worked - it wasnt because it was a good idea Basically had to burn it through schools of ravenous redfin and hope one didnt look at it too long before deciding to strike So those lids were begging to be repurposed
  9. Before Mussel lures became a thing - we used to "paint" our vibes with permanent markers.
  10. The new elasticated leader spool maintenance system made from a sushi soy sauce bottle lid
  11. The only scent Ive tested then not used again was the clear liquid "stimulate". When that "Mark Berg" infomercial came out - talking about pheromones etc - I had to get some My test was on hoards of tiny bream in clear shallows. I was watching them from a bridge. They were happy to peck away at my unscented lure but when I put the stimulate on, they were actually backing off it when I dead sticked the lure. I gave it a couple of hours, targeting different schools then never used it again. By the end of that session I was thinking they should explore this recipe for possible use
  12. I like the "pro cure" range of prey specific scents - I dont think they are made from Aussie ingrediants - they used to just put little sticker with the Aussie names for baits over the top of the USA names. Some successful Victorian tournament anglers use it without any sponsorship deals or financial ties clouding the waters. But after re-reading Dr Ben Diggles' history of Squidgey scent - I'll be giving it another crack. I wasnt fully aware of the amount of testing and trials it went through - I just remember guys jokingly refer to it as Chicken Fat
  13. Ive used it and it hasnt hurt cath rates Heres a brief history of the development of the scent by Dr Ben Diggles - "Of the 21 different products that I trialled, 19 did nothing and around 15 actually repelled the fish (i.e. they were less likely to take objects introduced into the tanks afterwards). " Ben D 16-04-2008, 09:16 PM Great to see some debate on lure attractants. Its clear from some of the replies here that there is a need for a fair bit of education on the matter. Basically I spend a lot of my time working in aquaculture dealing with sick fi
  14. Ive been doing a bit of sliding around on steepish banks recently - Walking back up Grassed banks are where i seem to do my most sliding. Im not sure how big an impact this will have but it offered more grip when I rubbed it across my hand - and in my experience a little bit of grip is better than none
  15. Great find on the Zman style plastics - have you got a link. I found out too late that some of my ali express lures were Zman style plastic. I put them in a bag with other plastics. So it would be handy to know what to look out for in the description. These FTK's were made out of it but the closest the description got was to say they were super soft. and Im not sure if their whole range is made out of it https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32933730128.html?spm=a2g0o.order_detail.order_detail_item.2.272df19ch9q7a6
  16. No gut bruises off this guy tonight. He was hanging out with a bunch of perch
  17. A lot of tools you swing have a fat bit at the end - so do my rods I originally used fat bits of cork because my guts would get bruised during Jewie season. (I used to fish for them regularly with heavy live bait gear) Jabbing the rod butt into your guts on the strike and holding it there during the fight can leave a mark with skinny,/poorly shaped or metal butt caps. I always fish around structure so you have to hit them hard and fight them hard when using heavy-ish bait gear. In one spot I have to strike, then run 30m up the bank, to change the line angle, so I had a cha
  18. Great write up MAH - An old successful bait dog, can become a dangerous beast with a lure in his hands
  19. I made up a few last night and it renewed my hatred of working with tiny split rings So I made up these rings. Too weak for attaching a hook to but plenty strong for the spinning blades
  20. And the beauty of diy is - if you lose the prototype to a snag - you just need 10 mins to whip up a few more when you get home.
  21. Guys have been getting some big reddies on jig spinners recently so I thought Id give them a crack. Obviously Im not going to pay "TT" prices for them - so I bent up some wire and gave them a swim. No huge ones yet but I lost it to a snag a couple of casts after this one
  22. last update on the torch handle - I nailed it - a fully enclosed handle is the most ergonomic for a variety of different angles
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