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  1. Can you camp on the beach or in the dunes if you wanted to fish a couple of nights? Or is the beach too soft to drive on
  2. Was this deep water at yalata or doggies? Never seen such clean water at doggies looks more like yalata reef
  3. I have a saltiga surf and sensor 13" 10-20kg combo for sale if anyone is interested. 1 year old and working fine.Email me at tsullyman@gmail.com if you are
  4. Also just a heads up, make sure you buy a diesel 4x4. Once you have diesel you just can't go back, it is THAT much better for a 4x4.+ better fuel economy (HUGE difference in large 4x4's, dealbreaker alone)+ less electronics+ far better torque where you need it+ doesn't need to be thrashed to get that torque+ lasts forever longer than a petrol+ fuel available everywhere in AU+ much better on other parts ie clutch+ less stress on the car+ runs so much better loaded up as torque is in the low revs+ better for cruising+ plays much nicer with water- Can be extremely slow up blacktop hills depending on the diesel engine type and weight of the car!My 2 cents
  5. If this is to be a car to last and never sell again, get a GQ patrol or 80 series landcruiser.Landcruisers however have a massive 'landcruiser' tax, Patrols are much better value and just as, and some would argue more, capable due to their rear diff LSD and solid axle (100 series landcruiser has front IFS no thanks)For 10k I would be looking for a 4.2 Diesel GQ with around 300,000 km's on it well looked after. They exist.I got a 2000 GU 4.2 Turbo Diesel off my girlfriends dad and it had 355,000KM on it with a full service history. NOTHING has ever broken major (touch wood) it is still on it's original clutch. I take this out all the time on sand (robe, coffins, lincoln, yalata etc) and trips and I have not got bogged yet. I have regularly pulled mates Landrovers, Hilux's, Prado's and 80 series petrol cruisers out of trouble over and over again. These things are built to last, you would never know the KM's on it without looking. I love the Patrol's, best value serious 4wd by far and once you catch the 4x4 bug and start to want a few mods, patrols and landcruisers are 100x cheaper and easier to mod and don't cost as much as other random 4x4 brands.On another note a recent 4x4 club trip I did out of all the 35+ 4x4's there, the only cars to get up some of the most challenging sand hillclimbs at Robe were 3 GU patrols (including mine) and 1 100 series landcruiser with 50k ++ of mods and an aftermarket turbo. Countless other types (hilux's, navara's, jeeps, landrovers, 80 series cruiser etc) could not get through a lot of stuff the patrols were eating up.All that being said though, a lot of it also obviously comes down to the driver but I guess decent drivers choose their favorite cars too..
  6. Keen to share some mully spots? haha
  7. Have you tried salting tommies whole? I just salted a heap of salmon fillets, best decision I have made in a while. They become hard durable bait and extremely fishy smelling.. hopefully work a treat on the mullies.
  8. Anyone heading down to Salt creek for an easter fish? Reckon it is going to be hard to get a campsite?
  9. Why not just use an esky full of bunnings pool salt (7 bucks for 25 kilos) and fish fillets stacked into layers of the stuff. Not only does the bait not go off, but it becomes more solid for the hook and I reckon fish like the extra salty bait ;)Anyone else use this method?
  10. Shimano Saragosa 14000, lovely lovely reel with 10 year warranty.IMO Stay away from Daiwa, not really made for AUSTRALIAN surf conditions unless you like pulling them apart completely every few trips Daiwa reels are really only made for casting competitions imo.Shimano & Penn are best.You won't find any reel repairers or tackle shop owners using daiwa saltiga surf and the like, 1000's of small inner parts and too much to go wrong. overpriced when a shimano saragosa for example costs half the price and lasts twice as long and really is very similar in smoothness anyway.
  11. Tuffline XP, I run 40pd and 30pd respectively at salt creek.
  12. Dude I have caught a ray about 50% of the times I fish goolwa beach, I caught 2 there within 15 minutes last time!!! Just go there with some waders and surf gear.