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  1. I find it best to rip their backs off n wash out guts etc gently with running water. So not to marinate them in their own filth. Also I cut gills n eyes off. Boil water (sea water), turn on low simmer and simmer for 7 to 8 mins max. Keep in fridge covered for no longer than 2 days otherwise they become dry n very low tasting also. Damn I love crab n it has been a great crab season. Enjoy mate.
  2. Cheers champ. Good read. Hope you have good luck for the rest of the comp.
  3. Plug Her

    storm 2/4/12

    Awesome pics mate. Mezmorizing. Really enjoy this sorta photography.
  4. Plug Her


    Cheers Affstar. Filleting lessons. Gonna crumb it and enjoy. Got some massive fillets out of it. Enough to feed 4 easily. Cheers everyone for their input. Much appreciated.
  5. Plug Her


    I have a monster flatty I've just taken out freezer. It's been gutted and scaled n I would like some tips as I don't know weather to fillet or cook whole. Any good kitchen opinions and tips? Cheers peeps.
  6. Well done. I caught the biggest flatty I've ever caught last week. 62 cm. They are out thete!
  7. thats a great story mate. i very much like. there are nice people left in amoungst all the fools.
  8. yeah mate from me boat. thats good to know. didnt know you needed floats n tags if unattended???? cheers for the intel!
  9. would it be a silly thing to ask?? oh well anyhow. lol. can you use ballons to float the top of ya crabnet rope or would it be to risky of popping n losing the net?? be better using proper floats or ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????