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  1. Katherine Gorge has Barra.Basically, heres the rule. If you find water that is conected to the sea in some form or another (ie wet season), BARRA LIVE THERE!We used to catch Barra (lots)300km inland.Seek, and you WILL find.Tough time of year though. Fish 8 am and 4 pm.
  2. Damm, the YoBBeTTe gets her pic put in issue #6, and all I got was an underwater pic of my Bronzie in issue #7. lol.
  3. That is a humdinger of a Trevally landbased.Well done!
  4. Hey Sandy, at least you got out, more than I can say :(Just a quick tip for what its worth - when ya catch a squdly, and others follow, leave the hooked squid in the drink and chuck in another lure ;)ps, ur font sux!!!!!!lol
  5. Nice vid Ash, cheers for sharing.
  6. your shitting us right?Ask Big Ian, hes an expert!
  7. I would be pissed off too FF. Like any industry, there are alot of cowboys out there. I take charters 3 or 4 times a year, to target species I cant reach in my boat. I am yet to have a bad one (touch wood).Word of mouth is a fantastic tool, so spread the word about these Turkeys.On the tide issue, most charter operators will take bookings whenever possible. It is up to the clients to check the tides.
  8. Tyke, that is the portable model. only one grade of fingers.The real one has 3.They are available here, in the stores I posted earlier.
  9. I use a bimini in my braid, tied to an 'improved albright' for my heavier gear. Never had 1 fail.Light gear, I do the same as Thahn, double braid to 'improved albright'.
  10. david jones, homewares direct, Myer, general trader.If ya cant find them, pm me.
  11. Nice pics m8, you guys are livin the dream. Good onya fellas.