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which Sunglasses to buy?

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It took me a while to finally buy an expensive pair of sunnies, I use to use Compleat Angler brand ones, and although great polarization, the plastic lenses scratched too easily. I ended up buying glass lensed Costa branded sunnies (And yes they are quite dear, but I won't go back to anything else now) I have been told they are better then spotters although I have never compared them myself. I have been wearing the costas for 6 months now and can't fault them... very comfortable to wear and great polarization 

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About 20 years ago I did a side by side test with spotters and my servo sunnies - my servo sunnies were much better at penetrating the waters depths in the Yarra - So I havent spent over $30 on a pair of sunnies Since.

I'm currently using the KastKings which could be bought for between $25 and $12. But I cant find this model online anymore - Lucky I stocked up and got 3 spare pairs when the price dropped to $12.



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:lol: on the review YD1 :D 

I had basic polarized sunnies for sometime but find I still squint a bit when around water.

So with some left over $ from last Chrissy/b-day I'm going splurge out and get some 'better' ones.  

Quite a few good brands out there and obviously everyone suit/likes a special type and I've never seen the sense in spending so much on sunnies.

Yes, you can get some much, much cheaper but I might as well that cost towards the dearer.

For me atm, I've narrowed it down to an Oakley Split Shot Deep Water Prizm (was thinking the shallow water ones but may not do as I want). 

Normally around $295 but with 30% off this Thursday brings them down to $206.

Hope they will do the job for me lol

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