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Winter is amongst us. Some fishing banter is in order. 

2005, 13 years old. I convince my parents to go to Broome. And somehow book a charter. $140 per person was the going rate. A great day out, landing 3 sails. 9 for the day. I send my photo into fishing world. Receiving my prize but not returning my only photo.

2018.  13 years later. I send the skipper a email. "Somewhere in July i said"   He tracks back to the day in his books and sends me the other two fellow fishers details. As i knew one had a camera. A respond from Tasmania.. with full detail ov the day. Soon enough photos arived in the mail. Reunited. 






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7 hours ago, doobie said:

What gets me is how a 13 year old convinces his parents to travel such a distance ... to fish :D  Brilliant.

I know right.. 

It's funny i couldh'v sworn we where 30km from the boat ramp and the only boat out there. Yet in the photo there's 3 boats in the background. 

Love the deckie too, no t-shirt, bogan az.

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