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  1. Very windy today with this front thats come through, but thats no excuse not to go fishing inland on your day off work. Just one fish landed Cheers
  2. Id be replacing the line if i where to purchase.
  3. Hi does anyone know if the forum sells strikehook boat stickers ?
  4. I think its a good deal. I cant hurt to offer a little less tho
  5. Id normally spot 10-20 fish, 3 where seen and managed 2. They've really shut down for me. Will start targeting rainbows soon when our northern rivers get a good flushing with rain. Something there in real need of. Very dry here atm
  6. Poor water clarity after light rain. I was expecting it. Managed 2 in 2 hours. Decent for this time of year, i think.
  7. Hunter69

    Pb brown

    Nice fish, is that in S.A ? Are you fly fishing at all ?
  8. Hope no one minds me bringing up an old thread. Im keen to take my new tinnie out to goanna's for first time. Does anyone know how far it ruffly is in km's ? Thanks in advance, Hunter.
  9. Anything brown. With some flash. Just put it in front of there face
  10. Hunter69

    Pb brown

    Thanks. 5wt sage x. Yes i tie, just enough to keep my box full. Cheers
  11. Hunter69

    Pb brown

    The nymth that was taken. Note: the dubbing, my dog pulled out of his cushion bed. I thought he had got to my seal fur, As he's destroyed hare's mask before. Now i just use his dubbing
  12. Hunter69

    Pb brown

    Having only fly fished for 2 years now, this season ive managed to land probly 100 trout. Alot more then i anticipated. Rainbows from the north, and browns from the hills.. ive just Put in the leg work. As winter sets in they slow right down. I havent have much action lately so ive slowed down. This afternoon some sun broke through so i set out with not alot of expectations. But from deepest hole i know. Yet 2m wide a 48cm wild brown took the nymth. On a 3lb tippet. Run deep amongst the gnarly roots. Very lucky to recover it. From such a shallow stream, I wasnt aware they could grow so large
  13. Good idea underpants. I have a cryovac at work. Il give it a go
  14. Yeh good idea. Il have to try and find someone to laminate it.
  15. Ive just got my lisence. A piece of paper to take out in a wet boat. How do you protect yours ? I have created an acount for the digital app version. Id still like to hold onto the paper tho Cheers