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  1. After an enjoyable ( ) weekend Monday was looking a treat to get out there. Had a look at the tides and thought I'd be kind on everyone and launch from West Beach around 10am. Loaded up 'Bert' with the plan to have a bit of squid action around Marino and then to aim for some KG's off Somerton in the early arvo.The usual crew seemed to have had a too bigger weekend and piked it so I got the folks along and a mate that's been hassling me for a while. Apparently (but not surprisingly) every man and his mutt had the same idea as us with the carpark being completely packed and us ending up park
  2. Went over to Yorkes for a few days with a mate. Tuesday we were raking for crabs at Ardrossan and managed 40 between us. Nice sized ones with plenty of meat. Stayed at the High View caravan park and was very impressed with their crab cooking facilities! Wednesday we dropped the boat in at Port Vincent and managed 10 KG's and 9 squid in a few hours. Unfortunately Thursday it blew so we went to the pub although in the morning a school of salmon came past the Vincent foreshore caravan park with saw guys bagging out off the spit. Came home with a feed which is always good!
  3. Saturday morning was a little lumpy with some showers & squalls coming through. Got a few squid and then retired to the pub to watch the (disappointing) footy... Sunday was absolutely perfect! Landed a dozen KG's off Sheoak and bagged out on squid around the spit just south of the town. Great feed and some for the freezer! Highly recommend the cabins at the Pt Vincent Foreshore Caravan Park too - No. 4, which we stayed in, has enough room to leave the boat attached to the vehicle and is RIGHT on the beach. Awesome part of the world.Cheers for the advice guys.
  4. Nice one Moppa, Snapps & Damien -we'll give it a crack for sure! There's a bit there to keep us busy... And thanks for the heads up on the shallow spit, it's always good to get a little knowledge from a local.Cheers
  5. Thanks Southie! Found that one and another (Vincentand's Ground) but that seems to be it. It's not a bad start I guess but it would be great to have a couple of others to hedge my bets.Cheers
  6. Hi guys,I'm heading across to Port Vincent in a couple of weeks for a boys weekend with the boat. Just wondering if anyone has much experience in the waters around there and possibly have any GPS marks? Not after the 'secret gold' but if there are any common well known grounds you can part with to get us started (and out of the pub...) that would be great! I usually target KG, snapper, squid and crabs but am interested in anything else that's there of note.Thanks & cheers
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