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  1. When smoking especially the hot method use heaps of brown sugar in the brine and little salt. The salt kills the flavor of the fish. It's personal preference but I'm not into the cold smoked salty fish. Try the Harris smoke house in hahndorf, my favorite is the smoked eel so oily and falvour some.
  2. snapper wings are the best.....try using a brine with mostly brown sugar and a small amount of salt. With the hot smoker it doesn't matter about the excess salt content because you actually cook most of the fish with the heat.With the cold smoke process its a different story. As with fish or meat its better to freeze it first to kill any bacteria. Add alot more salt and smoke till the cows come home.I have a hot smoker a home made cold smoker out of a ice maker and a dihydrater. Smoked fish jerky is one of my favourites.
  3. The burley sinks. at that depth it doesnt matter. if you are fishing at 12 meters freeze them with some tuna oil in a plastic container then pop them out and chuck them in.
  4. Nice one.They are shit hot. Taste like a crusty garlic bread infused with squid. I added dill and basil. It would work with nearly anything.Thanks crusty
  5. Sounds good. Did you invent that one yourself I will give it a go.
  6. I know the perfect dish for you fred. I got the recipe off the internet from Adelaides best chief Cheong Liew. Its called soused snook.http://www.classic.com.au/wizard/fourdancesrecipe.htmI have made it and it tasted great however i take wasabi with me in the boat and eat raw tommies. Probably not your thing josh.
  7. I use coriander in alot of fish dishes. Asian or Thai style. Whole snapper cut down the guts put in cut lemons, onions, garlic, a can of tin chopped tomatoes and coriander. Salt and pepper on the outer and inside and. Wrap in alfoil and throw in the oven or webber or the big green egg!!!!Dig a whole near your fruit trees and bury the snook. Water them in. Best food the trees will every have.
  8. Sorry I had one too many when i wrote this. It is for pickled occy and it is Italian balsamic vinegar dressing.
  9. Easiest and one of the best ive had to do large occy.Skin it, pull as much skin off as you can. Use a knife to cut in then pull it off. Cut it into Lengths you can manage and fit into the pot. I usually do about 10cm.Bring a large pot to the boil, throw in some rock salt.Then chuck in the occy. When the water starts to boil reduce the temp so that it is at a nice simmer.Keep on for about 30 - 40 mins.Remove and put in cold water. Remove and cut into bite size pieces.The get a container and put in a whole bottle of Italian balsamic vintager. Mix and then put in the fridge, by the next day it will be ready.
  10. Our biggest one was out the front of the seacliff hotel. 109cm and FAT. 50lb on a hand line with the old lead sinkers and a silver halco. Full of worms, you must have caught it first Fred, poor fish. Dave bungam
  11. Marinate Tommys for about half an hour with a mixture of soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, garlic, salt and pepper. Leave in the fridge covered.Make up your typical salad, lettuce, tomato, red onion, olives, cheese (fetta or jalsberg)Put some oil in a pan heat it and throw the tommys in. The sweet soy which is thick will make the tommys go a dark colour.Cook them either side.Grab some yiros bread and lay the tommys down the middle. Put on your salad, then some sweet soy sauce. Wrap up and enjoy.Another version of this can be done by using squid instead, the tubes or the tentacles.
  12. Similar to mine however I use stout. It gives it a sweet flavour.