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  1. G'day afishyfish,No offence taken at all mate. The midge pupae(mozzie relative) is tied on a sz16 hook so it's pretty small I also tie them on sz18's.You can fish this fly as a single or in a train of 2 or 3 flies which is what I normally do, a weighted point fly(nymph or wooly bugger) then two of these guys on droppers with a figure of 8 retrieve deadly on trout in the lakes around here when the water starts to warm Cheers1Fish
  2. I have been tying a few flies of late and thought I would share a few cheap and easy ones with you folks out there. The first fly is a Midge Pupae it is made up of red thread, black thread a small piece of holographic tinsel(which could be substituted with plain silver Xmas tinsel) and clear nail polish.The next couple are damsel/bugger type patterns which are literally a hook marabou and some fine wire. These flies are prime candidates for blinging up for saltwater applications . You can get marabou in nearly every color under the sun from most cheap shops for a couple of bucks along with the wire the most expensive part of the fly is the hook . Enjoy1Fish
  3. Very nice fly for a hot summers night on the river :whistle: 1Fish
  4. Nice work dude so much more satisfying when their on your own flies. Whats that fluro number? it's it a UV straggle bugger?Cheers1Fish
  5. Interested in Fly Fishing for Australia? or just looking to improve your skills, knowledge or social circle.Just throwing this out there http://flyfishaustralia.com.au/cms/Cheers 1Fish
  6. I haven't fished for bones yet unfortunately maybe one day after I catch my holy grail fish on fly the Giant Tarpon. I was going to say another must have fly is a yellow and white clouser (bit of a confidence fly for me) . Might put some piccies up of my boxes in the coming months Might 1Fish
  7. Welldone Sam, Great angling milestone mate Stick with it it gets easier. Looks like your reels on backwards dude Welldone Cheers1Fish
  8. Nice flies Dazz, no little Crab patterns?
  9. Hey dude, Check these out I have a 6' 6" 3wt http://www.caddisflyshop.com/eccaflyro.htmlHopefully the link works I regularly throw a Sz10 woolly around with it in some of the really tight twiggy creeks over this way. You may want to factor in the size of the fish you are likely to encounter. Feel free to drop me a line if you wanna chat about anything furtherCheers1Fish
  10. Very sexy reels Bream Reaper. Should head over this way and give the drag a run on some spawn runners 1Fish
  11. Or on the flats in Darwin or Bynoe harbor on the neaps when the Threadies and Barra are focused on jelly prawns.:woohoo: Wouldn't need to go to big.1Fish
  12. Nice tie's Dazz. Reckon they'd be red hot for Barra to during the run off .Cheers1Fish
  13. 1fish

    Beaded Spiders

    I feel your pain waiting on a couple hundred hooks to arrive from O/S before I start tying again. I have a couple of comps to get ready for :pinch: Going to hit the bidgee again tomorrow see what it throws up Cheers1Fish
  14. 1fish

    Beaded Spiders

    Lucky B :c D I have a mate on his way to Fiji soon chasing bones and trevs on the flats. This is the first trip I've done for a few weeks hopefully get a couple more in before the rivers close.Cheers1Fish
  15. 1fish

    Beaded Spiders

    Fish don't mind em hooked 4 landed 3 this arvo on the Murrumbidgee no pics this time maybe next Cheers1Fish