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    Check this out

    perfect for the beginner or the curious without spending much,add a cheap ebay rod and line and the whole kit for probably les than $80.
  2. excellent,loved this ,top film top action.thanks for sharing.
  3. the guys that go on the club forum will know where it is,thats all that counts,me thinks?to be honest i tried to save my own a##, by not showing background,rather than here complaints from others that its giving away a spot etc.i dunno all to there own?but it was a pretty bad day that could be the real background :silly:
  4. I had a great session,with some great club members today,considering the unpleasant conditions,i wasn't expecting much.first thing today as i was getting ready i had left one of my 5wt rods in its bag and placed it on the ground,only to be told by my fishin buddie that he had just stepped on it,(damn), after a quick check,sure enough it was broken just above the ferrule join,this happens to be the 2nd fly rod of mine that has been broken,so i have to recarbon it to make it still usable.I honestly thought my day was going to be a fishless one as i was freezin my b@##s off.i tied on one of my own flies,which i stole the idea off my fishing buddy,which he calls the (mc enroe) as it uses tennis ball fluff for the chartruese body,but i add a olive and black marabou tail for a bit of difference.As i persisted to blindly flog this fly in the mid depths of the water i saw a nice fish rise for it as i was just about to recast,quickly i cast near the spot and within seconds had the line tighten and i saw the fish turn on its side,A clean take,nice brown landed and released,at 42cm ,now a PB for me to beat on fly.
  5. very nice beutifully made fly, i think i had read about them some time back in (i think) a flylife mag.can i ask(without you letting all your trade secrets out)how is the top foam section held to the body,as it seems it only has one wrap of thread?
  6. thanks and and definately right,catching them on my own flies is great,especially considering i put more time into tying flies than actually fishing them.yes the fly is a uv chartreuse straggle body with a olive marabou tail and gold bead,with extra lead weight underbody,sinks good.the other fly though cant be seen quite good is a shrimp imitation,using white poly fibre rope,orange marabou hot spot,bead eyes,black paint brush bristles for antenae and creamy tan dubbing,tied on a size 6 aberdeen mustad ,hooks from kmart,keep my better hooks for different puposes.
  7. thanks,down at wallaroo.
  8. i had a short session on saturday,and thought id try my newly aquired,old model 5wt,managed to get my quite a few salmon trout up to 37cm and a mullet on fly,only the 1 mullet as they were quite hard to hook due to the subtle takes,what made it also special was they were on flies i had tied the night before.
  9. you can definately cast a wooly bugger or wooly worm on a 3#,remembering they dont have to be big as a size 10 or 12 on a standard shank wet hook with up to 5/32oz bead will sink quite quick.I have tied some using ostrich herl as the palmer hackle,which was bought from spotlight and some general knitting wool in a variety of colours.worth looking into if you cant buy ready made sizes you want,and will keep you busy when not fishing.every one i ve talked to recommends a 7ft rod for our little rivers and creeks.
  10. Well done SamN ,i,like alot of others also remember my first trout on fly,which happened not to long ago ,a nice brown of 39cm,now im addicted and tying flies and that gets even more addictive.searching for materials that may be lying on the ground,and skinning roadkill,i now have a hare pelt in the shed drying.hope you stick at fly fishing has been my biggest fishing challenge yet.again well done
  11. Thanks 1fish,i relise the retrieve now,just didn,t relise thats what its called.I remember watching old peter morse wild fish episodes,where he used this retieve for queenies,seems like the only way to get the fly moving really fast,he used to set with the line and rod parrarel to water whilst palming the spool,it seems to me that it would prevent the hook pulling,from having no angle on the hook ,nor delay with stoping and striking?That just my theory,not fact as i have no experience in this regard.Thanks again for the info.
  12. Please excuse my ignorance.only new to fly fishing,what sort of retrieve is the rolly poley,how is it done?have not heard of this yet.
  13. Thanks tony for putting this up.i would love to tie this imitation,but the only thing i have is the black sharpie marker,and i dont think that even works.check out the safwaa forum,some cool flies are being tied by a member,using cheap materials,under the heading tight a** flies,nothing to fancy,but definately fish catchers.
  14. nice imitation ,lots of movement by the looks