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Double Clutch lures in stock?

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Howdy all,

looking to add a few double clutches in  75mm and 95mm to my quiver. Does anyone have any suggestions for what local retailers have a well stocked range at present? Most of the colours i want at the moment are out of stock.
Cheers LL

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I am getting back into double clutches a 75 mm blue back Silver side got me a 21 cm salmon next trip lost something bigger next trip one hit just before 8 am lost the lure. After I lost it put on an older double clutch I own didn't cast as well. Friday replaced the 75 mm blue one I lost same colour and a smaller double clutch olive Green Silver side . Doesn't cast as far as the 75 but landed me a 30 cm salmon .

Can't wait for the bream to return .

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