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2019 Footy Tipping Comp!!!

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The Strike Hook Footy Tipping Comp for 2019 is setup and ready to go. An email should have been sent to those who have participated previously. For those who haven't received an email or haven't signed up yet please click the link below to join.


Address http://www.footytips.com.au/comps/strikehook

Password tipping


Good luck everyone   :)


Sponsors and prizes will be added throughout the season and updated in this post.


Note Any issues with logging in or signing up to the comp on the Footy Tips website will need to be directed to the Footy Tips website as we don't have any control over the site we are just using the sites facility to run the competition.

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2 hours ago, AuusieDave said:

I would love to but you're doing the wrong tipping comp, I do tipping.afl.com.


Good luck though guys!


Carn the Crows!

Carn the Crows indeed :D

But not the 'wrong' tipping - the SH tipping is also a friendly tipping site for us Strike Hookers - you should join ours too and and enjoy the banter between us :D 


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