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If you love sharpening stones don’t read😉

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Not a stone lover but I do love a quality knife, being able to fillet hundreds of fish before having to sharpen your knife is brilliant.

Those sharpeners are great for cheaper softer steel knives, I have one for my bait knives, but they will take chunks out of properly hardened blade and ruin it, I found this out the hard way so thought I'd chuck a warning out there.

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1 hour ago, yellow door 1 said:

Crikey -  the Sorby looks like a serious bit of kit - especially next to my $40 electric diamond wheel😉.




I may do more than just my fishing knives. I have it as one of the things to look after as part of my job.

I wouldnt be happy with the finish on the knives above for my cheap filleting knives let alone other. I get them to a mirror finish basically. stay sharp for a long time and I dont have to take much material off per sharpening.

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Yeah thanks for the details - it interesting to hear others views on how to sharpen and why certain techniques are better than others.

If I filleted more fish, I might take it a bit more seriously - but I do alot of catch and release. So as long as my knives can go through a couple of carp or a few snapper and still be sharp at the end - thats all I ask from my knives.

I've still got my old stone -  and in the back of my mind -  I will get around to mastering it one day - but for now - my $6 knives will continue to get the rough treatment😉


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