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Beach worms Port Hughes

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13 hours ago, Fiona said:

Hi there I'm in Port Hughes for work over the next 6 months and wanted to know where I can catch beach worms on the York Peninsula?

Can't help with the beach/bungum worms, as I'm terrible at catching them. But there are two other types of worms that are easily collected, seaweed worms and a type of lug worm.

Seaweed worms are small worms that look a like garden worms. They can be found in the beds of seaweed washed up on the shore. You are looking for areas where the seaweed beds build up over time, not just what washes up after a big blow. You dig down to where the weed bed meets the sand underneath and will find the worms in the bottom layers of the seaweed. Don't be fooled by their small size, they are a gun bait, I've caught plenty of big YFW on these small worms.

The lug worms need a bait pump, but are also easy to collect and are definitely around Port Hughes. They are a bigger bait, but don't keep as well and can get a bit mushy. They also secrete a yellowy brown ooze that stains easily, making your fingers look like your a pack a day smoker.

The other option is pumping for nippers, which are plentiful around Port Hughes.

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Around that area you can also collect bloodworms by turning over rocks a bit buried in the sand/mud down by the low tide line plus you'll get shrimp and small crabs as well, just watch for blue ring occies.

Prawns, pillies etc all work perfectly well too.

Just remember in SA you probably want to be using smaller hooks for general fishing than what you're probably used to On the east coast.

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