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It has been one of the slowest starts to the Yellow Fin Whiting lure fishing season here in S.A.

Adelaide finally got it’s first 30c degree day in 7 months, this November.

It has been a disappointing weather pattern. As soon as we have a warm day, it is followed immediately by a cool change and several days with temperatures in the teens. A sustained warm spell is needed to put some deep set warmth into the water. At present water temps, still hover around the teens.  Well short of the 20+C that makes those big Yellow Fin Whiting rabid hunters. The hotter the better. My favourite YFW spot has the Big Mamas ravenous at 22C.

Nonetheless we have to get our fishing fix and take what is available.

There are plenty of YFW about for the bait fisher. And sub surface lures like the Ecogear ZX are more productive in cooler waters.

At present the most common catch on surface lures are Salmon Trout. In good sizes too, not your small summer sprats.  Their presence is a clear indicator of the cooler water temps.

Flathead are providing a good option to break the monotony of unproductive casts for Whiting.

They don’t mind the current water temperatures. Too hot and the baitfish along with the Flathead disappear from the wading shallows.Whereas the hotter shallow water see the juvenile prawn population thriving and the YFW voraciously feeding on them.

The Ecogear ZX gives you both options. It will take Flathead and YFW. Although you will need to modify your retrieve depending on which fish you want to attract. With whiting it is always the continuous retrieve of a fleeing prawn. For Flathead it is the high lift, pause, retrieve, repeat. For Flathead it is all about the “hang time’” above their eyes. A not infrequent by catch is the odd Flounder. Tasty when cooked fresh. Should you come to a Flathead holding hot spot, my go to lure at present is the OSP Bent Minnow which certainly attracts their attention. These catches in current conditions, necessitate you target a variety. And for those keen on Salmon Trout, you can certainly come away with a full bag.

Mixed bags are what I am getting in these “transitionary” conditions.

But I am keenly looking forward to a heatwave !!!!

Cheers, Des.



ByCatch Flounder.JPG





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1 hour ago, Kelvin said:

Nice work Des

Thats an impressive flounder

I'm still waiting to get my first metro Yellowfin. I've seen one or two but they are not schooling up yet

Thanks for sharing those observations. It confirms everything else I am hearing and seeing.

We need a good spell of 30+C. To shift that cold thermal lag and sustain the water temperatures at a higher temperature plateau. It is a sustained period of higher water temperatures that provides the environmental parameters for the "summer season". 

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